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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Charles, Dec 13, 2003.

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    I put a new switch in over the summer. I have one job where there is alot of clay dust. Toward the end of the summer you could turn the switch and nothing would happen. If you held the switch on for a few seconds it would attempt the start. Soon switch would start hanging up and I manually (quickly) as possible move it back. During this sticking part the started would make a grinding noise like it was still trying to start when the engine was already started. Anyway yesterday I tried to start it and the starter would click and thats it. It made a shearing noise when it did start before that.
    Is it a starter problem? A switch problem? Celinoid problem? Or God forbid a flywheel problem?
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    The problem could be a number of things. All of them can be difficult to diagnose via e-mail or telephone so I'd recommend taking it into the dealer for repair or at least diagnosis.

    That being said I'd probably lean toward something in the starter. In the old days before EFI on cars we'd all smoke the starters trying to get them started on cold days in northern climates. When the geared portion became worn it would make all sorts of strange noises before it finally failed. If i'm right you'll want to change the starter now before the warn starter gear has a chance to cause any wear on the flywheel gear.

    Like I said it's a tough call via e-mail or telephone. You really should have the dealer take a look at it.


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    Thanks for the reply.
    It was the weekend so I had a chance to try and fix it before your reply.
    I had tapped the starter with a hammer(lightly) when this first happened. I guess i didnt tap in the right place because yesterday I tapped it all over and turned the key and it started. It started and stuck a little. So now I know it is the starter switch that is freezing up the starter. I went out and bought a new switch. Showed my old switch to the dealor and he said it was a goner. At least it works fine so far with the new switch. But if the starter act up in the least. I will replace it.
    I know the newer exmarks(mine is a 1999 model) have rubber around the switch to keep it from getting water and dirt in. This red clay(dust) around here sure wears these switches out fast. And then you add the rain when you get caught out in it.... I just replaced this switch the first of last year. It didnt last long. I am going to duct(lol) tape some plastic over this one and try and keep the water and dirt out of it.

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