Starting a business and having serious issue's with getting yards

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Mt. Zion Lawn Care, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. OnaLawn

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    Personally I would think in a "small town" word would travel fast. So try to look and just take on those small jobs pulling weeds, planting flowers, trimming shrubs etc. In due time they will come and you will build your company. Next time ask that lady why she went with another LCO after she called you to come out and mow. Stay motivated and it will work in your favor.
  2. 32vld

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    Never lose sight that it takes three years for a business to take off. So advertise. Keep doing good work and hang on.
  3. MR-G

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    first , you need to be sure you offer things people in your area need (not just mowing) weeding, spraying, fertilizing ect.... you also need to be consistant when it come to advertising...same ads over and over and over gets results...we are in a larger metro area and we are luck to get a 5% return on our advertising at times we put out 5-10 k flyers and maybe get 25 calls and out of that we may get as many as 3-4 is a long hard slow in 25 yrs and have over 600 accts and 4 crews doing just have to put the time in....or buy someone out if you can....good luck to you.
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    Join a church join clubs Where ever the public is at hang out there

    I been mowing since 1981 and I cant remember my work load I do know come 85 my route was big where I had buy some fast mowers, push mower wasn't cutting it
  5. Nate'sLawnCare

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    I live in a town of about 5000 so I feel your pain. Like others have said, word of mouth is the best kind of advertising, but it takes time. Sometimes you just hit a lucky streak, but you have to be patient for that. My son left some business cards on the magazine counter at a local convenience store and we got a call for service the next day. Just be visible and people will come to associate your business name with seeing you around town.
  6. jgrs7

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    yep, your doing fine. my advice to you coming from a young person in the industry is be professional at everything you do. my dad owns a very successful landscaping company that I will fortunately take over at the beginning of this year due to his retirement. he preaches professionalism in everything we do. if you walk up to a job with clean look and a company shirt, you will win the bid against Joe blow lawn care with a duck dynasty beard and a wife beater unless you really screw something up. you don't have to have the nicest equipment and trucks. you just have to set your self apart with your courtesy, professionalism and quality work. if you do that work will come your way I promise. its all about getting your name out, once you do you will be so busy you cant keep up. good luck to you.
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