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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BMurray, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. BMurray

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    I have been researching this extensively and i have foundhat in order to begin a business you must obtain a state sales tax number and a DBA. If your last name is present in your company name a DBA is not necesary. I have also found that in order to administer pesticides you must get a license. Am I missing anything? Also, can I recieve a state sales tax over the internet and if so which site would you recomend?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. kandklandscape

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    thats true aboutthe last name.... make sure u INC though!!!

    sales tax license im sure can be done over line, the ein # you can get right away in like 5 min
  3. BMurray

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    Okay thanks. Do i need both an ein and sales tax number if im a sole proprietor? Also what site would you reccomend?
  4. John Zaprala

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    If you're not sure why you should go INC or LLC instead of sole ownership... I highly recommend taking a day to do some research online about liabilties. As a sole owner, if someone was to sue your business they can go after your personal assets if your business can not cover the debt. Obviously, you'd need insurance as well to "legally" work on HO's properties. HO insurance does not (HO is Homeowner BTW) cover professional help if injured on the property, nor does it cover any damages the professional incurs on the property which is a good reason right there to have insurance ($1,000,000 coverage is a standard in our parts)
    What kinda services are you offering in your company? Just curious, as we work out of Warminster.
  5. Roger

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    Here is the link for your questions about PA Sales Tax:

    Payments can only be made electronically through e-tides:

    I suggest starting at the top link, PA Dept of Revenue. You will find many important links under this web page to help you navigate the Sale Tax questions, as well as EIN.|4797|

    "... been there, done that." After you make application for a Sales Tax collection license, you will be given information regarding what services are taxed, which are not. Depending upon what kind of lawn/landscape services you intend to offer, some services may be subject to Sales Tax, some may not be subject to those taxes. The information booklets provided to you will be specific enough for you to make assessments.
  6. BMurray

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    Roger- Thanks a ton for the info.

    John- Wow Warminster is right around the corner. What's your company name? Anyway, I'm only 17 so I will be predominantly only mowing lawns and doing leaf removal type jobs. I am considering studying and taking the pesticide test but I am not sure. Also, depending on how business does I may purchase an aerator to offer that service in the fall.


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