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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TheGame34, Jul 17, 2001.

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    I currently work for a lawn company here in Michigan. I really enjoy my job and was thinking about starting my own. Where i work now we have about 4 days of mowing but it ususally ends up being 5 days a week. I just have a few questions about starting my business. I was going to finish out the year working with this lawn company and then my boss was going to give me 20 plowing jobs because he doesnt want to plow anymore. I currently live in an apartment so i will have nowhere to store my equipment. How do i find somewhere to store it? I planned on working by myself to start out with one mower,blower, and a whip. I will have top buy a truck with a plow and a trailer also. I also have the advantage because if any jobs come his way that he doesnt have time for he will refer them to me. How do you go about getting mowing accounts? I just wanted to get your thoughts on these questions i have. Thank you for your help.
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    Look up the storage mall facilities in your local yellar pages. You could probably get by with a 10x10 to start out. The other alternative you could check into is that many times people will lease out a bay of their 2-3 car garages when the significant other passes and they no longer have a use for it.

    I have many friends who use this alternative for winter storage of their hotrods etc.

    Good Luck in your endeavor. When you make the switch just be open and honest with your boss. I had a guy want to go out on his own this spring when he didnt get the raise he wanted. Because he was professional about how we parted ways hge is the first one I send referrals to if we dont want the work.

    Just dont burn bridges. It makes getting across the river that much tougher.

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    I agree with Kris, find a rental place or a garage in your area. I keep mine right across the street in a garage which is very conveniant. :)

    Good luck and as Kris said, don't leave on bad terms with your boss. He can help you in a lot of ways and it sounds like you have a good relationship with him.
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    Dear the Game34,
    Just started my own business three weeks ago. Call all your friends and see if they'd be willing to store your equipment for free lawn service. If you have access to a good banker and can get deceent funding consider getting an enclosed truck- expensive but solves many storage problems. Cannot emphasize getting to know a good banker that knows you personally. Getting a line of credit to finance most of your marketing, equipment, insurance, and all the other stuff is critical. average cost to incorporate is $1500.00 and up (unless you know a lawyer that will drasically mark his services down).

    I'll propbably think of morelater.

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    From what I understand McGowans on D19 is real reasonably priced. You could also check with Best there in Grand River I think they are the only ones with units big enough. I know they both have 15x30's that should fit a midsized trailer and a truck.

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    Hey pro. I do not think he is still looking for a unit- He never posted again. AND this was over 5 years ago.:)
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    In PRO's defence, I also started to just read but than I saw Eric's:angel: post

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