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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Will Edwards, Aug 12, 2019.

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    I'm 13, and this year I walked my neighborhood, and made about 500 in to weeks knocking door to door. That was a lot of walking, and I decided that walking 8 blocks to make 20 every two weeks wasn't worth my time. I dialed back to 4 streets, and had about 7 yards to mow all summer. I've made over a thousand dollars now, and am looking to grow this business, and mow through high school and college. Next spring, I turn 14, and my brother 16. He'll be getting a truck, my dad has a trailer, and we want to start a business. We already have all the necessary equipment (we have an acre, and we help our dad) and I was wanting help with the business part. How shall the two of us split the money? How should we bill? How much for overhead? Things like that. I would appreciate it if you guys could help me out with this. I live in the panhandle of Texas if that helps.
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    There’s a lot of advice on here but the biggest one is do not start a business with friends or family - or anyone. There really isn’t enough profit for 2 owners in MOST cases & it can and does ruin friendships. I can vouch for me / my dad / and my bro all started business w friends that went to hell. Also the old rule most businesses don’t make any real profit for 3 yrs so plan on working for free atleast yr 1&2 just put all $ into an acct and reinvest. But if I were your age and set on starting up w my bro I’d think long term. Do it by the book from the beginning. Get quick books so u both can see all transactions. Get a cpa . One of you should focus on the mowing & lawncare side of the business & the other on landscaping / hardscaping. This way you can have 2 divisions of the company. Again though - business partnerships seldom work out. There’s maybe 1 guy on here that it worked for and haven’t heard from him in a while.
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    Will Edwards

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    Really the only reason I need to work with him is because I can't drive. Maybe if i get a lot of customers on one street, he could just drop me off, and pick me up, and then bam! 50/50 split for the business and I
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    Do you mow in HI all 12 months? Do you also mow every week or every other week. Whenever I spent any time there guys were coming every three weeks to mow. Some had the old fashioned no gas push mower with the rotating 3 or 4 beds.
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    So number one
    I’m really surprised your dad can’t help you out with this,
    But in lieu of that see if there’s a high school teacher for economics you both could talk to, there probably is one
    He/she can help you

    The money you charge is for the business not for the two of you to split.
    You each get a wage
    For example $10 an hour
    So if you get $40 for a lawn and it took you both 30 minutes to mow it you both get $5 for that lawn.

    The other money goes for things like paying for truck, repairs and maintenance and fuel.

    There is no “who gets what money” arguments when you both earn a wage
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    I think TPendagast hit it on the head as far as you both get paid wages and then using the profit for your business, but BEFORE you start this with him make sure that he really wants to do this. If he's just seeing dollar signs, then he won't last as long cause the money goes out as quick as it comes in and as you grow to more and more yards, the cost of fuel and equipment increase
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