Starting a Centipede lawn from seed

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by ArTurf, Sep 21, 2013.

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    I think Agrostis is right Bermuda might persist.
    You could add some annual or perennial rye--but not too much--and make sure it is a type that claims to "transition easily" (dies quick in heat). And make sure you know how to kill the rye to clean up any that persists. I cannot advise you on that.
  2. ArTurf

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    That's what I was thinking but I looked at a yard that was done by this company 2 years ago and it is mostly centipede. May ask them to just use centipede.
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    We did a complete renovation with tif blair centipede seed this past spring, it took almost two months to come in good and we spread at 2 pds per thousand which is very heavy for centipede, and watered a LOT in the beginning and then the rain came in and probably caused more problems than anything, anyway, I'm thinking we spread too heavy actually. it looks good now but it did take some TLC to get going.
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    No bermuda. It is faster growing than the centipede and if it does not die out or get choked out, what an expensive mess to kill off. I would use the Tenacity as the preemergent over the seeded area, with the ability to apply two more 4 oz application if needed. Metsulfuron should be saved for when the centipede has been growing for at least a year. I would consider milder products like Quicksilver for broadleaf weed control during grow in.

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