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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JBNC, Aug 7, 2012.

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    I am planning on starting a lawn care company offering only weed control, fertilization, disease and insect, aeration, and seeding. Not looking to get into any other areas of landscaping. I am just looking for any advice from people who have been down this path.

    Not too worried about legal stuff, equipment, etc. More interested in how you started from scratch and built your company..what worked best for you. How you made the transition from working for someone to working for yourself..did you work part time? Jump right in? Are you glad you chose to work in this area of landscaping? What did you do right? Where did you screw up? What would you change?

    I look forward to any responses, thanks in advance. :usflag:
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    There are thousands of threads on here start reading.
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    The first step in any business plan is to research your market. The more you know about your market's needs the better change you have of success. Don't confuse NEED with DEMAND. Foreclosed homes NEED WORK but Banks have NO DEMAND.

    After you have all the information possible, Design a business plan of how you can BEST FILL THE DEMAND for service. That mean advertisement and Equipment are geared toward that market section. Don't try and be all encompassing and specialize to some degree on target Markets.

    In other Thread I have stated Mow & Go can be more profitable than Full service. Planned correctly it can be. Follow the above and any good business plan can go to the Bank.

    PS Millions of dollars have been made dreaming. Research well because things don't alway work when put into practice.

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    There are 100's of books out there to answer your questions.

    Every situation is different. Every market is different.

    Keys are:

    Be honest
    Work hard
    Look good
    Have a lil luck (be in the right place at the right time)

    Follow these key principles and you will succeed

    Good luck!!!
  5. Ric

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    IMHO Working smart is more important than working hard.

  6. rcreech

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    Totally agree!!!!

    When I say work hard I mean be ready to work 6 days a week, work during the day and do estimates at night.

    Starting out it is just plum hard work IMO.

    But if one can stick with it...they can work smarter in the later years and not work so hard

  7. Green Scape

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    This is funny. Not to be rude, but the way your posting comes off, well at least to me is," hey can you guys give me your business success secrets? I'm too lazy to do my own research, and I also don't want to take a risk for reward.....could you just give me the answers?". Man.....when I started out, instead of killing myself, I should have just started a thread on here. Lol....sorry if that was too blunt, but this business is challenging. Every market is different, and you have to trial and error yourself. As far questions like, what product should I use, and when, or what type of marketing should I do or what piece of equipment is best? Well, if you have those questions, you're not ready to go out on your own yet.
  8. JBNC

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    I did not mean to come off that way which is why I said I am not worried about legal stuff, equipment, products, marketing, etc. I'm not asking for a business plan here, only looking for advice. Mostly on the transition into owning your own company from working for someone else.

    I have read a lot on here in the past year or so. I will have a solid business plan, licenses, insurance, etc. I don't want your business secrets or marketing strategies, that's for me to figure out for my company.

    I know there are a few threads out there, I've read them. I am just looking for people who have gone from working for someone else to being on there own, specifically a fert and squirt only company. Are you happy you chose this field? How did you start out, did you transition slowly with a part time job? Dive in and give it all you got? What have you done right? wrong? What would you change?

    Just to be clear, I am NOT looking for what skid sprayer to buy, which spreader is better, where to buy chemicals, what to include in my programs, etc. Only looking for general thoughts.
  9. rcreech

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    It is awesome

    It's not easy

    Build a good client base, put lots of marketing dollars back quit your job.

    Then spend all ur marketing dollars.

    Buy cheap, sell high

    It's not easy start n out

    Work big hours and barely get by for the first two years

    Years three through five still work n hard but finances much better

    Year 5 and on grow business and can work a lil less and get n established

    Also brand will begin to help u.

    Brand and market ur name everywhere

    Good luck!!!!
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  10. inzane

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    i'm in my first year, fert and squirt only.. its tough, .. I definetly will not quit my overnight job with benefits anytime soon. i am working 11pm till around 9a.m. at my regular gig, then i get out of there and work on until with my biz whether its estimates, working on marketing, servicing accounts (the few that i have) etc.. and i sleep in afternoons.. its super slow too. the overnight job is definetly giving me a chance to focus on my business by the day, but hard because i have a family too, and all the other crap to deal with. i figure about 3 to 5 more years of this, and i'll either be a success or dead.. i'll take either one.. lol.

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