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Starting a Lawn and Landscaping Business In DFW


LawnSite Member
Bedford, TX
I have been researching and writing a business plan for a lawn and landscaping business in the Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas. I am not sure about all of the particulars and need some help or reference material to finish my plan. I have already gotten census data, average rates in the area, etc. What I do not know how to estimate are the fixed costs, and the added part and full time labor as well as any hidden costs such as special licensing, insurance, and certificates needed. Any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advandce.


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wille, I just finished a massive business plan with my father (he's been in finance his whole life...) and I have successfully received a nice bank loan at prime, plus credit lines at good rates as well. My plan helped in getting all this but the real purpose of writing a business plan is for YOU.

I have a million numbers that mean this and that- the bank wants the bottom-line numbers. (if financing is your purpose). They also know- and this is a good thing- that all of your numbers wil not be EXACT. In fact, they want high-end numbers!!! That is, in terms of expected revenues and capital expenditure needs (equipment, etc.) So don't underestimate.

As far as your "costs," estimate the best you can. Figure a working budget per month for your costs- 400 for fuel, 120 insurance (call your agent for a ballpark), rentals, office supplies, workers comp, uniforms, certificates and licenses, software, etc etc etc...... these are only examples. And they are only estimates. Plan for a year-long budget. write it up on an excel spredsheet. In the near future, you can keep the same categories and then add in what you realistically spend. Hope some of this helps.

Bottom-Line ---> Don't feel you have to be TOO specific. Just have as many things accounted for that you can think of.