Starting a lawn care business with $50-100k to invest?


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4000 of these made up in January, sent in late Febuary, you’ll buy 250s and new gear like pop corn.
That price was before inflation kicked in.....

K c m

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How do you figure???
I’ll try to explain. In my world most of my people are also tree customers and electric customers. Heat goes out call Rob, lights off call Rob.
Now inflation effects us certainly. But if yiu don’t look at the costs and purchase cash only it doesn’t really effect operations. For example say 130 lawns is 4700/week multiply by 4 then deduct the mortgages insurances and other bills. Not equipment because you buy cash only. Say that comes 5k.. tgat means you can bank 12k a month. Send 400$/quarter into irs to keep them off you then buy more equipment. Who cares if a lift is 52k if you got it?

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