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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Scenic Excellence, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Scenic Excellence

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    Hello everyone my name is Ben English i am starting a lawn maintenance company called Scenic Excellence

    My plan is to start small with just mowing trimming and clean ups.

    I have a front wheel self propelled lawn mower but need to replace the motor in it. i got the mower for free.

    I am gonna pick up a trimmer from Rona

    I am using my Suzuki sidekick to bring the mower from job to job. i don't currently have a trailor.

    Questions i have are:

    1. Is going door to door for contracts or odd jobs worth it?
    2. I have flyers being printed for me, Is it worth it to put them in mail boxes?
    3. I know i am starting small, but am i starting to small?
    4. I have a program i am entering for starting the business, i need to have a good plan to have a revenue of at least $2100 per month for the winter months to be accepted into the program, What are some ideas i can do during winter months?
    5. How often should i convince the customer to get there mows down?
    6. I eventually would like to expoand the company into interlocking brick walk ways and flower beds as well, What % of my revenue should i save for new equipment to expand?
    7. The amount i decided to charge is a dollar per minute, with obviously not telling the customer, just tell them the price i will charge total, Is this ok or should i have a different approach to it?
    8. Is it good practise to have customers pay for the whole contract up front, or should i do it by the job or month?
    9. Would it be a good idea to get year round contracts to keep me busy during the winter months, for example if i get a mow contract have them take a package deal for the year. is this good or no?

    Please answer questions one at a time so that i can keep it organized when i read the answers, as i am going to be incorporating them into my business plan. for references.

    thank you very much and looking forward to all of your help.
  2. johndeerefan

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    1. yes going door to door or by posting flyers is always worth the time you will get a lot of business this way.

    3. I would maybe look into getting a small trailer and maybe a used walk behind somewhere then you could begin taking on more yards.

    4. Snow removal

    5. In the spring when the grass is growing the most we mow our customers once a week then when the dry months come in we mow from 7-10 days.

    I hope this helps you with building your business.
  3. mjohn

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    its illegal to put all non mail in a mailbox
  4. kevinlane

    kevinlane LawnSite Senior Member
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    Put the flyers at the door or doorknob. Then knock and

  5. Scenic Excellence

    Scenic Excellence LawnSite Member
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    i have no problem with knocking and talking to them so i am not wasting my flyers on people that are not interested.

    another question

    1. how many lawns would i be able to average in a day, say at most 10 hours a day. i will be working at an decent rate of speed and will not over work my self.
    2. would i be able to mow 10 to 12 lawns a day?

    3. Am i aiming to high to want to do 10 to 12 lawns a day for at least four days a week.

    4. would it be a good idea to have one day a week during the weekdays to have as a spare? for example if it rains one day i can use the sapre to catch up for the day it rained?

    5. what is the best piece of advice you can give someone that is just starting ?

    i would appreciate most help and honest answers i can get thank you!
  6. Scenic Excellence

    Scenic Excellence LawnSite Member
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    also another question

    what are the monthly maintenance costs on equipment?
  7. jbone

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    search, search, search. and then search some more. Get a job working for an lco before starting your own business. Otherwise at the point you are at its doomed to fail.
  8. echeandia

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    If you ask the questions in individual posts you will get the responses you are looking for. As it stands you have too many questions (and added more in additional posts) for one post and will not get the answers you are looking for.
  9. MJS

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    4. Yes it would be a good idea (if you are able) to have at least one off-day a week. It will be helpful for catching up if rain interferes (or an unexpected job, equipment failure etc.)
  10. Scenic Excellence

    Scenic Excellence LawnSite Member
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    so how many lawns could i expect to be able to get done in a day. average size lawn here is about 3000 to 4000 sq feet that is my target area for lawns as well.

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