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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CJIII, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. Twotoros

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    Just get a real job. Being a lawnboy isn't as glamorous as it looks. It is seasonal and you need money all year. Equiptment prices are high and gas is expected to go up again. Prices for jobs are at an all time low. Get your degree and then hire one of us sorry SOBs to mow your lawn while you sip a cool brew and watch us sweat!:cry: I am as poor as a church mouse and have done this for 17 years. Look for a part-time job in the field which you are going graduate. It will be good experience for you.
  2. bubble boy

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    rereading this a few days later i guess we are all quite fed up with the question...but we were harsh...

    so if youre still here... visit a local business centre, search LS, browse industry websites, and perhaps work for another company, even if its short'll be surprised what we all don't know at first.

    and the splitting an atom answer came to me during a clean up today, so i'm only looking at the light prob:D
  3. eggy

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    No really the best advice here was to do something else. get a degree, and do something else.
  4. Soupy

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    I'm not trying to be rude. The other guys have that covered. But It sounds like your not really wanting to start a business. You just want to go out there and cut some grass for money.

    my suggestion is to have your dad take out a loan for college, not Equipment. Then take some business classes. Knowing how to push a lawnmower isn't going to help you run a business. I have a friend that is one hell of a bartenter, but he wouldn't last 1 month owning his own bar.

  5. CJIII

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    I am not going to take out a loan for college they cost to much to pay back. I am going to work and pay for school.
  6. foxslawncare

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    :blob4: Go for it CJ. It sounds like you still live at home and don't have to many bills. Lawncare will help put you through school. Just never quit at what you want and make sure its something you like doing. If it is the knowledge will come. As others have said do a search all the answer are there for the finding. Good Luck.
  7. CJIII

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    I do live at home.
  8. Toroguy

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    College or a business?

    You need to choose, both have possible great rewards. Living at home is a great way to keep costs down for both ventures.

    SEARCH your heart out on this site, you WILL find what you need.
  9. RoyaleRcr

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    Allright Guys! I have been quiet long enough. I thought that one of the reasons for this forum was to inform and inspire eachother. Maybe that's two reasons. (Oh Well). As far as doing both business and college, take a look at the new issue of L&L. This kid did it and so can CJ. All it takes is a desire to learn and not give up.
    Toroguy, I am really sorry that you are so bitter about your choice of career. If you have been doing this for 17 years, I honestly can't see how a well managed business could be
    "poor as a church mouse". In order to succeed in any business an owner must plan for the future, budget, inovate and addapt. I know that there are a lotta as you call them "Scrubs". But I also know that with a little bit of salesmanship I can almost always convert someone away from them.
    Otherwise I suggest you get a RJ. I know that when I get discouraged all I have to do is look at the want ads and this thing of ours doesn't look so bad. Realistic advice is fine but lately the tone of many posts here are negative. Yeh, there is competition, but thats a good thing. It challenges us to grow. While you are sitting there feeling sorry, somebody is out making $$$$:mad:
  10. RoyaleRcr

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    Sorry Toroguy, I meant Twotoros.

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