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    HI everyone I'm looking at starting the lawn care business. I all ready have a ZRT,blower,weedeater,exc.... do I need to get some kind of license? Should I just start with residential frist? I will thank you for your replies.
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    LARSON, welcome to LawnSite. I live in Wisconsin also. As far as acquiring a business license goes you need to contact the State and they will give you the information you need. You can go online to get that info and have it mailed to you. They have a website and this is it. Read through it and see what applies to you.
    As far as being licensed to apply pesticides, you can obtain that information online also. You must be certified to apply any pesticides like weed, insect, disease control products and so on. Granular or liquid, doesn't matter. They have a website also, it is
    Hopefully this will help get you going. Just keep asking questions and eventually you will get answers. I found the state to be very easy to work with. The pesticide training is quite detailed compared to some states and does require testing of some extensive information from their training manuals. Good luck and hope this helps you! ;)

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