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    beware people, of ones that claim " buy my latest how to get rich quick book" what are they realy selling. is theire opinion. theire way of doing things. what worked for them. you want advise here goes: get your self an checking acct.(or) ask your bank to help you decide if a bussiness acct would help you. bill your accnts by weelky to keep money coming in,and for schedueling new accts. buy pro eq. wether used or new, i preffer used you get more for your buck,and the quirks are usally worked by not invest into nothing but your buisness,your time,your eq ect. do not buy on credit (intrest rates to high) do youre own marketing, accounting. pay your wife to balance your books so on,and so forth.aquier all licenses,regerstrating,permitts ect. make a complex buisness plan. what services you plan to provide, payroll,estimates,insurance blah not go into to buisness with no one,its yours keep it that way. there is not enough money in this world,that would convince me to partner up with anyone. start off small with maybe a repital credit union, they have in house reps to help you with youre buisness plan ect. its called work,and of it was easy, the wife and kids could do it.if youre accounting skills are not up to par, consider a quick course, rember it is your name,your buisness, your hump youll be bustin. but realy owning my own lawn care service has been the best part of my life. and it doesnt come with get rich quick theme. cause them guys are whom im buying eq from at the end of the year when they quit. be smart,think smart and work easy.

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