Starting a new company and looking for advice in North Carolina

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by sappervol, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. sappervol

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    I am in Lewisville North Carolina. I would like to network with people in the Area. I am currently in the Army and work in Winston Salem. I have a great deal of landscaping experience from before I joined in 1999 but I know that is old news and many many things have changed. I am retiring from the Army in 2014 and my Army coworker and I are going to start an LLC and begin with Landscaping. I would love to get some feedback and tutelage from anyone with any helpful advice. I would also be willing to work for anyone on the weekends to get my experience back up. Let me know. All help is greatly appreciated. I am especially looking for ideas as to how start, how much capital, equipment needs and stuff like that. Thanks for any and all help.

    Michael Sell
  2. agrostis

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    I lived in lewisville in the early 80s, when it was "in the country" and not all sub-divided like it is now. I really liked it. W-S is a good market, there's some money around WFU. Know the difference's between warm and cool season grass, you will see both around here.

    GSO LAWNEN4CER LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm next door in Greensboro!
  4. 123hotdog

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    Anything you are buying new get it while you are still active duty to avoid the tax.
  5. sappervol

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    Hey HotDog,

    How and where would I find equipment that is tax free because of being in the Army? Thanks for the advice.

  6. Schrock Lawns

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    One thing is if you have the funds don't do a partnership even if you guys are best friends I have seen it ruin friendships like that
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  7. 123hotdog

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    I have a friend in the Army that is active duty and he doesn't pay tax on his trucks or mowers.
  8. 123hotdog

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    I so agree. I would never ever go into business with another individual in any field.
  9. Patriot Services

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    That's because he has a tax number. Nothing to do with being military. Military pay is taxed like everyone elses. My military retirement check is taxed.
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    Sappervol.....have you checked with local equipment dealers on finance rates.Most commercial dealers in the triangle offer 0 percent/48m with no payment till April 2013. I just retired from the fire service and am trying to start a mow service myself.Good luck and thanks for your service.

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