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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by swing blade, Jul 20, 2002.

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    :confused: I was wondering, after hearing about all of you guys renting job specific tools and machines, what do you think about the idea of opening up a rental yard along with a garden center. You could rent to other contractors, along with renting to customers of the gardencenter. You could rent augers,mowers, small tools, scaffolding, and machinery. let me know what you think

    swing blade
  2. Lanelle

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    Do your homework. Check out the competition. Are there several other rental companies in the area? Sounds like the direction that Home Depot is going in some areas.
  3. swing blade

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    There are not any rental yards within 20 minutes of the proposed location, and that is without traffic. There are several new developments planned and started, and many are to come. the local school system is expanding, and the casinos are drawing more people out this way. tere is also a 1700 home private subdivision that is within 3 miles of the location. Of the two rental yards near us, one of them is horribly run, and I know this from past expierience.
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    If you do decide to start a rental yard I would write a business plan. Do your research. Whether you finance it yourself or look to a bank - the project will require a lot of money to buy equipment. If you don't already have a repair shop and a mechanic to go with it - you'll need one. I'm sure there are dollars to be made in the industry - and it'll be a nice add on to the nursery. Being properly staffed and financed will be important to your success. The first time someone walks into your store and you tell them you're out of rototillers - you may have lost that customer to another store. I tend to stick to the larger stores that I know keep their equipment in good repair and are well stocked with tools.

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