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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by ProChoice, May 17, 2012.

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    i feel like their is not much competition in my area for a ''legit'' roof cleaning company. i would like to add it to my lawn care business. My question is, What type of equipment do i need? should i buy a cargo van? how does one clean the roof? what type of soft wash system should i use? do i clean from the roof or from the ground? I know these questions seem stupid. I plan on being a legit company and not a ''weekend warrior''. Is their a market out their? it seems like not very many people know the best way to clean their roof and would rather replace it. Any answers would help. thanks
  2. Doug Rucker

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    Equipment needed-A good electric pump system will be perfect for starting, contact Paul or Bill at about the Dual Roof Pumps System. For under a thousand bucks you can be up and running.

    I would not suggest a van, A pick up truck, long bed, is perfect.

    Soft wash system??...see above

    Roof or Ground, actually you will find yourself cleaning from both and on two story houses from the ladder at the gutter line.

    Yes their is a market out there, and when educated properly, the customer will always choose cleaning over replacement. Many area the customer just doesnt know they can have it cleaned.
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    Better make sure your insurance is updated with necessary riders. Big difference in risk factors to the insurerer.
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    We work in Fredericksburg quite a bit. In fact, we'll be in Stafford for a job tomorrow afternoon. Give me a call if you'd like and you can come by the job site and see what is needed.
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    Ted helped me get started with a ton of info! Now, I haven't looked back. When I started my company, I mowed, landscaped, trimmed trees, spring and fall cleanups, gutter clean-outs, debris removal, plowing and just about anything else that a customer needed done around the outside of their home.

    Today, we are finishing up our spring cleanups, and dropping most of our services. We are keeping mowing (to pay the bills), plowing, and of course, gutter cleanouts (goes with the roof and house washing). Other than that, we are doing soft and pwer washing and roof cleaning and thats it!. There is a huge market, the pay is outstanding and it beats the heck out of digging holes in 90 degree temps.

    Thanks Ted, for all of your help. Give me a call sometime when you aren't busy!
  6. Roof Cleaning Virginia

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    Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you. We've been in Fredericksburg, Stafford and even Orange Va several times since I made that post. I guess the young man has other things going on. There's no money in this crazy business anyway ;-)

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