Starting A sealcoating Compay..HELP

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by phil12984, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Do not use that Ranger to pull a sealcoating trailer. You can look up all the truck info on google and DOT. To pull a 300 gallon you will need a min. of a 7000# trailer and a 1500 truck min.. I know of a guy that got pulled over draging a 10000 seal trailer and fined him for not having a CDL.
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    Guys, id just like to say that i do really appriciate the info you guys have provided! i was never arguing i was just questioning....some ppl dont know the difference. ive been dealing with a lady from Sea-rite and she was pushing me to go with a 700 gal tank and everything and went against everything you guys said. i have taken all of the advice i have gotten and ran with it! i decided to go with a 300 gal to start appose to a 550 or 700 and im looking for used if i can find one.

    really appriciate the help!!

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    Just remember the man with the money calls the shots , my money my rules . The best thing you could do is start small , do it on your own and keep it all .

    You are in pennsylvania , a area with a shorter sealing season than maryland . if you are lucky April 1 thru Oct 30 . 5 maybe 6 months of good sealing weather , lets say 160 days , take 1 day off a week for yourself , that leaves 136 days , 4 days a month for rain,that leaves 112 days , something is bound to break and you will lose 3 days , now 109 , now if you work each and every day and make a conservative $500.00 a day that would be $ 54,000 gross , subtract your all your expenses and factor them for the year not the season and what will be left? Not as much as you think

    Before you jump realy look at your market , its demographics ,reasearch a bit more ,
    run your numbers .

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    You frist need to find out how much it will cost fill your tank. Are you going to use CT or LV (Sand, Topp-Tuff ) What kind of job are you doing. We do a two coat job. So cost more then some of the other contractors out there. But is a good selling point and also holds up longer. Crackfilling is best done with hot tar better then pourable. Test the area prices change from area to area. Low- ballers around here get about 9 to 12 cent a sq foot. Which I don't know how they pay the bills with that. Charge enough you want to make money but everyones cost my vary.( Ins. taxes, pauc tax, worker comp., payroll tax, CPA cost , ) the list goes on. Do your homework and only you can come up with how much you have to charge. It some times takes a bit to get it all worked out. I have been on my own for 9 yrs and would not look back. Yes alot of contractors do what we do stick to your guns and it will work out. ALWAYS GIVE A LITTLE BIT MORE AND YOU WILL DO JUST FINE.
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    As far as the low balling! Alot of people say they can get it done for .14 cents residential a foot have no additive and no sand. Basically I tell them I don't need to practice. I do a great job it lasts for a minimum of 3 years. Just make sure you do a good job and the rest will follow.

    Commercial is the same, everyone wants the cheapest. You get what you pay for pay me now or pay me later. I always wind up after 6 months them calling me the next season to do it, It didn't last!!

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