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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by OutToMakeAbuck, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. OutToMakeAbuck

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    hey guys this is my first post.

    lately iv been thinking of starting a small business doing lawncare/gardening services to make extra $. currently im a lifeguard makin minimum wage and its boring boring boring...iv always considered doing lawnwork for ppl but nvr got to it...

    iv been reading alot of threads for info and got some good stuff but i just want 'my' questions answered.

    I'm sure at all what to charge really. Should i charge a flat rate per hr fee or just judge it and charge it? (or do certain jobs get charged hourly and others not). also how can i advertise myslef...Iv been reading flyers are a good way to i just go up to houses and post them on the door or in the mailbox?

    Heres a list of some of the services i can do:

    Grass Cut (including weed-whacking)
    Mulching (both laying mulch down and turning brush into mulch, i have a mulcher)
    Brush Removal
    Hedge Trimming
    Gardening (planting,seeding, decorative work)

    for equipment i have:
    7hp push-mower
    ?hp mulcher
    weed-whacker that i use as edger also (has differnet heads for noraml grass, blower, thicker brush,edger)
    Chevy Truck
    Gardening tools (anything needed)

  2. Pitbull05

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    You will get different answers on rates, but i never think a flat rate is the way to go. Price on a yard or job by job basis. There are many different ways to advertise, but your work and word of mouth will be your best advertisement. As far as your equipment goes, let you business dictate the equipment you buy. Use the money that you make to put back into your business and only buy equipment that YOUR business calls for. Sometimes will be better than others, but stick with and do quality work and you will be fine. Good luck
  3. lawnman456

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    from ct
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    word of mouth is the best way to get job. price by the job not a flat rate. just work you way up and you will do good for yourself. Also don't buy stuff that you don't need
  4. OutToMakeAbuck

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    trust me i wont (buy stuff i dont need)

    my dad has tools and equipment out the ying-yang from the time he was 20 to last yr when we got the mulcher to make our own mulch.

    i have all the stuff (tools,equip) that il ever need for the service's i can do...just a lawnbow...wont be putting up walls or changing level of land or compicated gardening n stuff.

    my idea is...$15-$20 per lawn (we dont have anything above 1/4 acre...rare to even find 1/4 acre)

    i jsut really didnt know what to price...i didnt wanna scare ppl off but then again you cant do everyones lawn...some ppl are cheap haha

    i just didnt wanna break my back for a quarter....catch my drift?
  5. KTO Enterprises

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    Id say 1/4 acre yards are atleast worth 35 to 40 per cut. My rates start at 30 per trip for 1/8 acre and go up from there.
  6. APV's Mowing

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    ok this is how i figure out my price, gas for transport., mower, trimmer, etc.= $5-8, string for trimmer, wear/tear, etc.= $5, then for how long you think it would take to mow that certian lawn lets say an hour? w/e you think is fair, per hour for me= $15-20 so add it all up and its about 25-30 for an hour job and then price other jobs from there thats what i started doing and its workin pretty good for me, now the hourly thing isn't how long it takes you every week do it the first time and then tell them how much it is, or just charge 30 for the first cut...i dn it works the best that way too, also if you run into somebody who is a cheapo just tell them it wont work out because they are the ones who expect the most and dont want to pay for it...
  7. Darrin A.

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    As for pricing, find a local LCO and ask them what the normal rate is. Tell them exactly what you are doing and why, you could quote your first post.

    Oh, BTW WELCOME!!!!

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