Starting A Water Garden Business Classes near TX, OK area

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by FNCPonds, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. FNCPonds

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    Does anyone know of any such classes in the DFW, OK area?

  2. Venturewest

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    Pond Pro Shop in Shawnee, OK had quite a bit of training this winter. They have built an indoor pond building area where they do hands on training even in bad weather. I went to a 2 day pondless seminar and a 2 day pond seminar on consecutive weeks. The fly in all kinds of reps from differant manufactures.

    They didn't have "how to start a pond business" class per se, but they did cover topics such as advertising and even bidding. The highlight by far was hearing Rick Bartel speak on water feature design. He is probably one of the best natural water feature designers in the US.

    Anyways, I know Pond P.S. is planning much more extensive training in the future for contractors and retail shop owners. You might want to check with them.

    There were probably 10 guys that came in from the Dallas area. One guy drove all the way from Montana.

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