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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ACA L&L, Oct 24, 2008.

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    Ok we have been in bizness now for over 13 years. Its now time for a website. I have no idea where to start, any and all help would be awesome. I mean from square one, so let me have it.
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    I'd start with research. Obviously, you already have your 13 year old business and don't need to become an expert in web design, but I advise getting informed enough to avoid being taken. There's a lot of snake oil being sold as web design. I've been here long enough to know that this forum has some good info already here, so you may want to begin with a search through existing threads.

    For sure, your first step is a domain name. You want to pick a good one that describes your company/services that is easy to remember. Create a list of ones you would like to have. DO NOT do a search until you are ready to register it. As soon as you search, it will become unavailable within a matter of hours. Get both the .com and the .net if you can. is a good place to register domain names. You do not need a host right away, but getting the domain name is important.
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    I agree with CBS. Go ahead and get your domain name now. If it takes a while to get the rest of it put together there is no rush. The domain name will only cost you $ 9.95 a year and it can just sit as long as it has to.

    Sit down with a piece of paper and pick out names you might like. Pick out as many choices as you can before you do any search. Go for a .com name if at all possible. The only other acceptable alternative is .net. Rate them in the order that you like them. for example (ist choice) (second choice) (third choice).

    I would highly recommend for Domain registration but do not like them for hosting. They are head and shoulders better than other services. You can go there and plug in the names you have picked to see if they are available. Register it right away and go with the best available choice. Do more than one if you have any doubts. At worst you will be throwiing away ten bucks on one you never use.

    You always want the domain name registered to you. Never let anyone keep it in their name. After you have the name you can worry about design and hosting.
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    first you need domain after that you have web hosting and you have ready design upload it and start you business ok if you have such product you ned cart to sell products..
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    Keyword-Rich Domain Name

    Apthost.Net for Hosting

    Private Registration to keep solicitors at bay

    SSL if you plan to collect visitor info

    5-12 pages of good content and another 5-10 of advertising content.

    A contact form that links to your PDA or calls your cell when estimates come in is well worth the expense. The first calls usually lands the deal.

    Fork out the $ for a MySQL admin database and you'll reap many rewards

    If you need further assistance please PM me.
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    Not following your logic TG.
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    You need to have a background in Web Design or IT to follow his logic.
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    I do, and still not following most of it. I can't see why anyone in the service industry would even need most of that stuff. Private registration is the only thing I see as a must have. Not really sure what a "Keyword-Rich Domain Name" is? I guess have key words in your domain name.

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