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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Poorboy's landscaping, Nov 28, 2013.

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    Hello guys

    My name Doug, I'm 22 going on 23. I have been doing lawn work some time now off and on for myself and other people. I currently work for my local township. I mange our shop and part time run the lawn crew. This year I deicide to get my own gig up and running. I was working last year but had 10 accounts and was totally under the table. This year I decided to file for a business name and do it part time. I picked up more accounts and made it to 22. I changed the name to Poorboy's Property Management. I have always like the name. At the end of this year I end up in a hole but not as bad as I though it be.

    My current Equipment:
    96 F350 Power stroke RCLB
    2012 wells Cargo 7x16 enclosed trailer
    48" exmark metro
    32" exmark metro
    toro recycler 21' push mower
    4 Echo Trimmer
    2 redmax blowers
    Stihl 029 chainsaw Farmboss
    2013 12k equipment trailer
    97 F450 dump truck (Project)

    With this set up I can get my property done in 2 or 3 nights with a helper. I like where I'm at but looking to be come a little bigger. I'd like to see myself at 30-40 accounts. Doing clean up and small landscape jobs. I'm really not looking for hardscape jobs but have free access to a S300 skid loader and Kubota M59 Mid size Backhoe. Both my fathers. I'd like to go get my pesticide license once I'm done the auto tech schooling I'm in now. Then maybe even go back for business management. In the end I'd like to be doing this full time with snow removal and like to see me making 50-60,000 a year. I make that between my full time job and this. I'm just trying not to bit off more then I can chew.

    My question:
    How do u guys advertise? Door hangers, papers, lettering on trailer, etc.? What the best why? When the best time to start in spring?

    How did you guys learn about feeding and weed control? I have never done anything but starter fertilizer.

    South Jersey guys, What the going rate, I'm close with the 2 other company's in town. One has told me start all lawns at $30 and up. The other guys will under bid work. Even goes by cheap cuts lawn service. He under bid me a few time. I start at $25 and up. Is that good.

    For guys that use there trucks for personal and business, How do u break down the fuel? I spent about 3k in fuel this year but know that not all in work. My truck is my only far travel vehicle. I have a jeep but not highway worthy.

    I'm going to start with that for tonight. Happy Giving all!
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    I have found that having a sign on your truck and trailer is incredibly helpful, you will have people come up to you asking for quotes that way. Door hanger's are just a numbers game depending on the area you advertise in. For a company I used to work for (it was a window cleaning company) we would put a door hanger on all the houses directly around from the one we just finished.
    Don't mean to be rude, but including property management in the name may not be the best idea because a property manager is someone who is in the real estate business and manages rentals. Like my grandparents hire a property management company to deal with collecting rent and dealing with the renters of their condo.

    I am in Oklahoma, and $30 and up is about right for here. I know nothing about New Jersey, but I thought its a bit more expensive to live there. (?) So maybe that's low. I don't know I will let Jersey people comment on that.
  3. Poorboy's landscaping

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    Thank you for the input. Yes jersey is a higher cost of living state. How ever I have quoted properties at a higher rate and have been told no, some else was cheaper. It seems to be getting very cut throat lately.
    As for the name, I was thinking after I posted the thread Property Management didn't seem right, but didn't feel like going to my office to look at the bill slips. Well I guess I was in a turkey coma because it Poorboy's Property Maintenance.
  4. clydebusa

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    I would drop the poorboy name if it was me.
  5. NJ Grass

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    Best form of advertising is word of mouth. If your customers are satisfied and like you, just ask them to keep your name in mind if anyone they know is looking for a landscaper. In my experience, at least in my area of Jersey, people have a hard time finding a reliable and personable landscape company.

    I also have to agree with the above poster, while your business name is catchy, it gives off the impression that your cheap. Even though you may get calls/leads because of this, your attracting a customer base that you may not want.
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  6. Poorboy's landscaping

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    Thanks for the input guys. I was thinking about changing the name but yet to come up with something I like. My last name Brown and I don't want to use that. So I'm not sure what to change it to. Anyone want to put some ideas out here for me. This is the part I'm not so good with and would like to get it figured out before I letter my rig.
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  7. NJ Grass

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    I spent a solid month trying to think up a name when I first filed for my business, probably was the most difficult part! Ha! I would tell you not to overthink it. Keep it simple. He'll, Browns Landscaping is as good as anything else. If you have an idea of where your business is going (ie: design, hardscape, basic maintenance) this may be the best time to figure out a name that compliments the services or expertise you specialize in and offer. Like I said, keep it simple and you can't go wrong. It's not your name but rather your quality of work and competitive prices that matter.
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    Hello. I have been thinking about names again and Title searched A Cut above Property Maintenance. It has not taken and I think I'm going run with it. I like it better then poorboys. I need to start working up a trailer lettering and logo along with a flyer.
  9. Nicktw25

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    I highly recommend using Bob at Plan-it-Graphics. Some people on here aren't huge fans of him, but he did an awesome job coming up with my logo! I get compliments on it all the time.
  10. TTS

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    Before you pick your name look for website availability for each name. In this day and age a website is vital to a business. There a probably a million cut aboves out there so I'm sure the site is taken. I'm thinking brown lawns may not work either lol. Good luck there's more in a name than people think. Its the start of your brand
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