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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cbr9joe, Mar 8, 2007.

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    Well I had the great idea of starting a snowplow and lawn mowing company this year. Well after spending 4,900 for snowplow and other equipment and only making 2,800 because of the fantastic season we had, :cry: I figure I better ask some questions on the lawn mowing side.

    First question is how do you know what to charge for mulching, trimming of shrubs and pulling of weeds in flower beds?
    Second question is on equipment, I was thinking of buying a 48 hydro walk behind encore premiere. Reason is cheeper than rider and seems more usable.
    Third question is on contracts. I know not to ask for samples, but I am wondering if it is okay to put together a contract that can be used for snow plowing proposals and lawn care proposals?
    Last question is on insurance and taxes. Should I charge sales tax and what insurances do I need. Just to let you know I am a one man operation.

    Thanks for any and all help. CBR9JOE
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    its illegal to charge sales tax unless u have a tax id. for your first question, youve got to find that out yourself. you need to figure out your hourly rate and what you need to charge to cover youe expenses. 48" walk behind is perfect. but i think you would be better goin with cheaper and go with the belt drive. work up to hydro later. for insurance you need 1 mil coverage.
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    for YOUR 1ST ? You might ask some people you know that has had this done by another company. If not use the trial & error method. Find a supplier that will sell mulch to you at wholesale, mark it up for profit and add $ amount for labor to spread it. You may have to do 2 or 3 before you get an idea of how long this takes you. With shrubs and weeding just start with some small jobs and charge by the hour and keep track of time and price jobs accordingly in the future. As far as a mower, I started out with a 36" hydro walk behind with a sulky, so i could get into fenced in yards. With this unit I was able to do big or small yards. I would not get a belt drive if your in this for the long haul. Hydro will out perform that belt drive barr nunn. As far as service agreements any generic will do , just as long as you have something in writing.Most commercial accounts require 1million general liability, just be sure you have something. Talk with a CPA about tax liability.
    Good luck and welcome!

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