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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MowKan, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. MowKan

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    A quick hello to everyone.

    I have been working as "a number 2" in the industry for the last 5 years. Working along side one of my good friends, we took what was a nice small business and grew it to a money making machine....for him, the owner. I decided I wanted the challenge of doing the same and calling the shots myself, so we parted ways amicably and I have now started my own lawn service in a different part of Kansas City.
    With the help of 2 of the people I trust most in this world, things have taken off quickly and we've been offered a buyout of a spraying company around here. Point is, things are looking up. We have solid financial backing, and I'll put our work ethic up against anyone's.
    Please wish us luck, and if you haven't noticed already, I'm sure I'll get to know some of you because I have fallen in love with this site and I am/will be very active.
    Thanks in advance for all of your help, and I'll do my best to return the favor.
    Talk to you guys soon.
    Gregg from MowKan Lawn Care.
  2. BearWise Landscapers

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    Great story. Glad to hear things are going well. Welcome to the website and the entreprenuneurial side of the business!

    How did you come up with the name MowKan?
  3. BearWise Landscapers

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    Before somebody chirps in with a smart alec response, I assumed the Kan is from Kansas and the Mow is self-explanatory. Just checking if that is correct.
  4. tinman

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    Good luck & enjoy the site. Try to take criticisms here with a grain of salt or ignore 99% of them. Many folks are so bitter and negative they have little to offer except.... what you cannot do, what sux about your idea, etc.

    Use search feature often. Try many different marketing efforts and track what works best for you. Know your costs. Try to avoid debt. Good luck
  5. g21

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    Welcome. Don't hesitate to ask for help in any area you are struggling with.


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