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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Canale Landscaping, Nov 2, 2011.

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    I'm trying to run some number to figure out expenses and I need some advise/ suggestions on what equipment would be most cost effective. I am trying to start a small plowing business and leaf cleanup business. I already have the blowers and rakes required, I am just wonder what truck, leaf loader/vac and snowplow would give me the most bang for my buck? I am looking to spend about 5-7 grand on a truck, 1000-1500 on a plow and 1500-2000 on a leaf box and leaf loader. Are my prices realistic?
    All advise and comments are appreciated.
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    It seems odd you want to do leaf but don't do lawn or landscaping. If you did then why don't you have a truck and trailer?

    Some peolpe buy plows in the price range you mentioned. But that's just for the plow. Then there is the truck side to mount and control the plow that has to be bought and installed.

    So you want to be the leaf king. Think they sell about $1500, not sure. Thing is you will need a truck or trailer with a suitable box. Then is this a dump trailer or dump truck or pick up with a dump insert because if not you will send a lot of time unloading by hand.

    Then a truck to plow best with 4wd which makes the truck cost more.

    Next keep in mind when people sell plows and trucks they are selling a money pit. If it was in good shape they would keep it, or if good they would offer it to a family member or friend first.

    Good deals can be had but you may not find a good truck till the spring. And plows, people ask top dollar now because potential customers will be to anxious to not want to miss the first snow storm and all the money the think they will make.
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    Thanks for the advise. I do want to do lawns eventually, but I need to educate myself more about the industry more before I have the responsibility of maintaining someone else's lawn year round and this is also just a part time job.

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