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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by trimdoctor, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. trimdoctor

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    I'm starting my business in spring 04. I am doing this solely as a side business and would like to contract 30 to 40 yards (mowing and trimming only). Do any of you think that this is an unrealistic goal for my first year?
  2. John Gamba

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    Does your area have a spring and fall clean up? If it does just cutting and trimming might be hard keeping custumers. Custumers like to have even the minimum in there lawn people. Give it a try!
    Good luck
  3. promower

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    Like John said try to include more then just mowing and trimming. Also I think you set a very realistic goal, when I started, by the end of the summer I had 34 regular accounts.
  4. BigEd

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    I landed a little over 60 accounts my first year, but alot of them came before the mowing season for clean ups or mulch.I then worked on getting them to switch over to my full service LCO,from the mow and blow guy they had at the current time. I dont want know one else on my properties just cause I know this is how you lose accounts. I have lost a few because I CANT do pesticide apps yet,so guess what Im working on now ? Just some food for thought.:drinkup:
  5. kootoomootoo

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  6. Team Gopher

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    Hi Trimdoctor,

    You can achieve any goal you set your mind to!
  7. twins_lawn_care

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    Hey Trimdoctor,

    do you plan to do this full time or part time?
    I would say if you are going to do this full time, and you get real organized over the winter, you should have no problem attaining your goals. I would just offer this peace of mind though, that you may only start with 10-20, but when people start to recognize you and your work, your clientel will grow to as much as you'd like.
    Good luck with the business.
  8. kootoomootoo

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    "You can achieve any goal you set your mind to!"

    Just ask the cubs and the red sox!
    All those bankrupt companies with mission statements.
  9. precisioncut

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    No, it is not unrealistic. That is if you put forth the time and effort. Advertising of any form helps but word of mouth is the best form there is. Sell your customers on the quality of work not just on the price.
    Best of luck to ya in the future
  10. Frosty_03

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    Trimdoctor what kind of time are you going to spend at each account and I would say your moving more towards full time with that many accounts. Word of mouth is the best advertising. Keep your accounts happy and they will spread the word. I think you can do it so go for it. You can pick-up a quick 25k for one season, but remember you have to put in the time and effort to meet that goal. Are you not going to edge????Good Luck and GOD SPEED

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