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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by FLANDERS, Jun 23, 2004.


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    New to the forums, been interested in lawn care for about 5 years, and am considering starting my own business. I'm 14 and live in Renfrew, Ontario. I'm picking up on a trend that could lead to a very large market for lawn care businesses.

    I've been noticing an almost steady increase in the number of senior citizens that are moving into our rural town of about 8500. People are looking for a break from the city life, (Ottawa is just an hour away) so they are choosing Renfrew as their retirement place. (I'm starting to think we're going to be the next Florida..j/k :D )

    There isn't too many new jobs developing here, so younger people have started to leave, looking for work, leaving cheap homes for the seniors to move into. However, there are not very many large, upper-class neighbourhoods around here. There are also very few commercial locations.

    I was wondering if there are any other people out there who have noticed this type of trend in their small towns, and whether or not it is profitable.

    Any input would be appreciated.


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    We don't have this problem in the Northern Virginia area, but I would imagine that a lot of older folks would have trouble mowing. They will probably be on a tight budget, but since you are 14 I am assuming you don't have many bills of your own, so this is OK.

    The few elderly customers I have are the promptest payers, and that always helps.

    If your area is not that affluent, then there are probably not a lot of other lawn care companies there. Less competition for you.

    Best of Luck to you
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    Hi Ryan,

    I am sure you can make this work.
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    why not try? your only 14, what other job are you going to get that you can work your own your own boss!!

    as for the small town and senior citizens.......they'll pay you to mow, just ask!!!

    you'll never know until you try!!

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