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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Julio Medina, Oct 3, 2006.

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    Ok, I had posted a thread last month, Here is my plan I currently work a job that has terrible hours of 12pm-9pm so it gives me no time on focusing in on starting a business,What I plan to do within the next month is get a 3rd shift job working from 11pm-7am and that will give me days to focus on the startup of my lawn care, All I want to do for my first year is cutting. I have a ton of marketing experience so I think I cam build up some customers in this time, What are suggestions that anyone has to help me out in getting going? Do you use contracts? Things like that. This is a Middle Class area of IL:weightlifter:
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    I would suggest that you attend the Green Industry Expo in Columbus, Ohio the end of Oct and fist of November like Oct 31, NOv 1 & 2 in the Ohio Center in Downtown Columbus. This the event of the Lawn & Landscape. You can take all kinds of seminars on everything. It is a gathering of the Professional Lawn Care Association of America, The American Landscape Contractors Assoc and the Professional Grounds Management Assoc. I think you can find stuff if you look for something on the Green INdustry Expo. It would be a great learing experience for you.

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