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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Scag1320, Jun 23, 2004.

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    My friend and i are going to start a landscaping company. We are starting out in residential neighborhoods, probably ave. 1000 sq./ft. i assume. We are planning on charging no less then $35 (mow, trip, edge) front and back. We went to a used Mower shop, found (2) 21" Lawnboy self propelled mowers, want $175 each and one has an aluminum deck and both has mulchers i believe. We couldnt find any weed wackers in our price range yet , and we found some vac/blowers at Lowes for about $150 and they finance to. When business gets better our next step is a 32"-34" W/B possibly a eXmark, some guy said hell give us a 34" 17hp for $1600. Sounds like a deal to me. This weekend we are going to a couple car auctions to pick up a truck and possibly a trailer if we get a good deal.

    Anything else im missing or info/tips i need before starting. Probly wont start setup for insurance till next year since we started so late in the season.

    We want to plow during the winter also but none of us have experince doing it, thinking maybe buying an extra snow blower, i alread have one. Is it worth using snowblowers

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    1000 sq is really small and 35 is a lot for that. I think you may be underestimating the lot size. I think 4-6 K might fall in that price range for what you are doing.
    Try to buy commerical equipment as the stuff from Lowes will not last long at all.
    I would not step foot on a job without insurance but that is up to you.
    I don't know about Cleveland, but around here for $35 for a small lot, people expect a professional job with proper equipment- insurance- trim- edge- blow and a smooth cut with no clumps on the grass. Are you ready to provide that service each and every week with no breakdowns and no excuses. Good luck with the business.
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    I doubt you will find maybe people who will pay you $35. For 2 people with 2 21" lawnmowers, you will not get that much attention. How is your experience with lawns, and do you plan to do landscaping or just lawn mowing. Do you know of diseases of lawns and the signs of them. Just because you plan to charge $35, doesnt mean that people will hold you in high respects.
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    Hi Scag1320,

    I just wanted to congratulate you on starting your business.
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    Cutting grass does not make you a landscaper. Do either of you have any experience in this field?

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