Starting Landscaping Company, Accepting payment?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MrBrownThumb, Mar 4, 2012.

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    My friend and I are starting a landscaping business. I am sorry if this has been asked. We are going over some thing's and came on the subject of payments. How do most people here accept payments? Do you accept personal checks and cash only? Also do you have the customer's write the checks out to your personal name instead of the business name to save on taxes? I just want to get the general consensus on what is typical for the most part.

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    Knowing the cost of the clients cut per week, Figure out how many weeks there are in your cutting season, divide that by how many months you'll be working
    and have the client agree to x amount of months at equal payment. Get the post dated cheques up front and then you don't waste alot of time and money chasing people at the end of the month. That can be frustrating. Have them sign a contract for assurance. Also if you have to go to court with them, you need a written contract as proof for the judge.

    There are alot of detailed discussions on other things you can do with contracts if you search them on this site.

    Cash leaves no paper trail. All banks leave a paper trail.
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    I have them write the checks to me (helps with taxes). I also accept debit or credit cards on my iPad with square. It's free equipment, no monthly fees and I like it cause it keeps up with receipts and you can email or text them to customers. I also use it to log my checks and cash so I do have to have a separate receipt.
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    I keep track of everything I do and at the end of each month, I just send a bill. I have only been burned once and that was for $70. Perhaps the area you live in, people are less honest. Myself and the customers like getting a monthly bill. They only have to write one check each month. Good luck with whatever you do?
  6. grandview (2006)

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    All you need to do is setup an account so when you get audited you'll have money to pay the fine you'll get.
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    Ok, I give, a fine for what?
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    some bad advice here...

    you will have to check the laws in your STATE. BUT in most states. tax MUST BE COLLECTED, and it MUST BE CLEARLY INDICATED ON THE INVOICE.

    with this info, a cash paying customer will RUIN ANY BUSINESS.....
    DO NOT calculate and devide by 12.

    invoice for work preformed at the end of the month, and manage your own money.

    dont let others hold your money.

    Best of luck
  9. grandview (2006)

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    Just giving advice to him if he wants to put money into his personal account and then get caught by the State or IRS.

    Cash is ok,as long as you put in in the right account.
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    If you are really running this as a business then this is not cash. And no checks must be made out to my business name. We bill at the end of the month and what is nice is going to the P O box and finding 50-100 checks waiting for you about 10 days into the next month. That's the big wave the rest trickles in with one final wave of checks a few days before the next billing cycle.

    As for waiting for them to come to the door with my money :laugh::laugh::laugh: yea right that would cost us 3-5 lawn cuts a day per crew. Run it like a business your be happy you did.

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