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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lucaslandscaing, Aug 30, 2012.

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    hello everyone i am new to the site and its my first post. I am in the process of getting my company up and running and i have a few questions.
    For equipment I have a husquvarna 46inch cut ztr, two 21in cut push mowers, a craftsman backpack blower, and a echo string trimmer which is all paid for so i have no over head on equipment (beside maintenance, gas etc..)

    - I know i have to get a business license and insurance but which is better an llc or sole prop? -Through word of mouth i have picked up 3 yards, and i am in the works for 6 rental properties (family friend owns property), but I work 55hrs a week as an auto mechanic with 2 days off during the week and i plan to cut yards on my day off, what would be a managable number of properties to have until i am able to cut grass full time? (wife is in nursing school, i am the only one working and we have to have health insurance for my son)

    and any tips you can give a rookie
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    I don't know enough about sole proprietorship vs limited liability, but as far as the amount of time it takes to mow, it takes me 4.5-5 hours to mow my 11 residential lawns. None are larger than 1/4 acre. 3 clients are next door neighbors to one another so I knock them out in under an hour. If you only have a couple days a week to do it (like me) I would consider the chance of bad weather before picking up too many more than 15, maybe 20. Not every day is a good day to mow! Best of luck, you sound pretty busy.
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    Go with GCL ( general contractor liability insurance). This is as a solo operation. I only pay $ 276 a year and that includes snow removal. The first year it was about double that. As for how many lawns you should take. Take everything in the beginning and have fun with the growing pains your gonna have em. You better accept the fact that weather will not always cooperate and that there will be days that you will be required to mow after workin 10 to 12 hours at your regular job. If you cant accept this. Don't do it. I started the exact same way and had eighteen lawns before I quit my regular job.

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