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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Bobe'sLS, Jul 21, 2005.

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    Ok here's the deal. I was planning on starting a lawn service part time. The church that I just got married at heard I was starting a lawn service and informed me the day before my wedding that they were considering trying to get more competitive bids. Appereantly their current one keeps going up. They even said they were paying the company $1500 a month during the summer, so I know what I have to beat. I was just going to try and learn more this season and start next spring, but now I am reconsidering. I have everything paper work wise ready, just no equipment. Should I go ahead and buy the equipment or wait till next spring. I think it would be a good start, but there is no guarentee I'll get it. Any oppinions or advice?
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    You can start in July. This is a good time of the year because it's so incredibly hot....the people that thought they wanted to be in this are dropping out as we speak. Your phone will ring. Also, from what I've read just right here on this site LCOs in FL are getting lots of work because of the huge amounts of rain.

    Don't pin all your hopes on this one job w/ the church though. Like you said you might not get it. And even if you do........DO NOT put too many income eggs in one basket. Otherwise, you're "working for someone" again. Granted, your clients are your employers, but a bunch of sources (the best way to go) vs. one or two jobs that equal a large chunk of your income is not smart. Could be a great way to start though.

    When you say your paper work end is done, I imagine you've got business cards and/or door hangers ready to go. Maybe even a newspaper ad ready to run. Go get that church job........put out at least 1000 doorhangers & run an ad in the paper offering service (cheap probably $50 or so for the ad - - can't hurt).

    Build it and they will come, lol lol.

    If you're going for it.......go for it! Say you get calls from several folks wanting service. You've got to be ready to head out & work. Right then. That day if at all possible. You could meet them the same day they call & do an estimate and maybe start work soon after that. Don't put it off though. Get on it.

    Some say grab everything you can get when you start out. That's one way. Somtimes is necessary in order to eat. However, if you've got options I say take on only the clients you want right from the get-go. That way you don't have to cull later. You get better word of mouth that way too. Cruddy accounts refer you cruddy accounts. Top shelfers send you more top shelfers & your niche starts form. know what size props you'll have to take care of & there's enough talk/fighting/debate on here about mowers & such to fill up your evenings reading for the next two months, lol lol. So I'm sure you're up on all that.

    Start now and you'll have a jump start on next year. Best wishes to you & your new bride!
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    Well at least you're in FLA and don't have to worry about being snowed in durring the winter where the equip wouldn't pay for itself. You may be able to find some good deals on used equip depending on how many guys went under so far from lowballing. Check your classified ads and see. It depends on how fast you wnat to recover the outlay really. What is acceptable to you? People are always wanting to switch services but prices rise for a reason, it is not a cheap business to be in. Jumping in may be the best way to get the experience. You have a place now to ask questions as you go. Can you book some more accounts first?

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