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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by woodlawnservice, Nov 5, 2011.

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    I've got a very successful mowing buisness and I'm wanting to get more into landscaping side, hardscaping and such. I've done one major big landscaping job for the city I live in and they were extremely happy with the end product.. My question is.... How do I get more landscaping jobs? Most people here do not do landscaping and dot have the ability to.. I believe if I step up to this I can't b a dominate player in the community here offering this. How do u guys advertise or what not just to get started. I'm sure word of mouth will spread once I start but, I gotta get started first.... What's some tips to get jobs lined up? Thank u
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  2. muddywater

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    You could start advertising to your current customers first.
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    Plan for the new year. People aren't going to be thinking about us until then.

    Also, join your industry association, the chamber of commerce, the home builders association and advertise in their publications.

    Do you have a website? You can get alot of free advertising too, by searching for "free advertising" or " landscape advertising" Try things like that out.

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