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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tractrpowr45, Feb 3, 2007.

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    Hi, I am fairly new to the lawn/landscaping business, last year was my first year doing landscaping. This year I would like to get into mowing in order to pick up more landscaping customers. My first question is, should I buy a commercial mower first, then look for customers,or should I start advertising and get a dozen or so customers, then buy the mower. I live in Western New York, when should I start advertising/passing out flyers? Also, should I start out with a walkbehind or a ZT mower. I am currently looking at Ferris and Exmark ZT's and walkbehinds. The Exmark walkbehinds are almost as expensive as the ZT's; I'd rather sit down mowing than walk. Plus I've read that Exmark has some issues with their decks; how is the Ferris cut?
    Thanks for any info
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    Why dont you post in the starting out in buisness forum.
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    Tractrpower45 - I have a Ferris 52" dual drive hydro WB and a Ferris 36" belt WB. I think the cut is awesome and the machine is well built and reliable. I'm selling the 36" in the equipment for sale section because I got rid of my 10 gated yards. "Nothing stripes like a Ferris"

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