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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Property Plus, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Property Plus

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    im starting up next spring and looking to get my mowers picked out..

    i want to go after residential and small commercial lots to get me started..

    i need to find a good walkbehind, "cost effeciant" zero turn and i was thinking a wright stander for larger residential yards and commercial properties

    any suggestions and are the standers good for that?

    for the zero turn maybe a exmark phaser? or is this too low end? keep in my im just starting out and dont have the clients as of yet, but im young and will work hard to get them.. i live in a growing city there are a lot of guys out here one mainly who snagged alot of the commercial gigs and has a big crew i want to get as big as that but i need to start walking before i run..

    i want to get some commercial properties to get my name around but will also like to have some resi work.. but for the zero turn i want to keep my cost down as much as i can cause i need to buy a trailer, snow plow for winter and all my extras, like blower, trimmers etc..

    i also plan to do sod cause its pretty easy and i will need to buy a roller aswell so basically i need to buy everything, i will put down as much as i can and finance or take a loan for the rest, i plan to put down 12-15g for everything upfront and whatever else i may need i will finance or try to get my stuff from demo models from the dealers
  2. M and S Lawn Care

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    I'd say to start off, get a decent walk behind, and get the ZTR later. I saved up and bought an Exmark Metro 48 when I was 12, and am still using it now, 4 years later. I have a sulky for it, and that makes bigger jobs easier. Might want to look into a hydro unit if you're going to be on hills or using a sulky though, because the belts slip a bit. I mow, with a partner, 25 lawns/week and we use the Exmark for all of them. Occasionaly I borrow my dad's 60" Z-Master if it's a super hot day, but the Metro works great. If the yard is big enough and the grass isn't too thick/tall, it'll mow in 5th gear no problem, and isn't that much slower than using the ZTR. Just trying to save you some cash.
  3. westwind

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    I would start with the standar, 52in. cut and see how you cliet base progresses. No need too buy to much equip. you can always pick up a sit-down later. Let you bussiness determine your equipment. Good luck.
  4. lawn guy1350

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    start small then build up! dont buy everything first like i did! so take it slow, start making profits then get the good stuff. Im using all Toro mowers and i love em!

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