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starting my own business


LawnSite Member
YO, I plan on starting my own business in a few weeks as a lawn care professional. For those of you that have done the same, what advice can you give me? Thanks in advance, Jeff.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Welcome to the forum Jeff! Use the search button on the bottom of the page. This will help you with any specific questions.


LawnSite Bronze Member
San Antonio, TX
This forum was developed to help LCO's. Each thread has very helpful information for start-ups as well as veterens. Any specific question you have try the search as bob has said. If you can not find the answer there...post that question as a thread and someone will be happy to help.


LawnSite Gold Member
Never aproach a prospective customer by saying "YO, YA NEED YO GRASS CUT"? I think that would be a starting point. Other than that make sure you only take on work that you are equipped to handle. Never make a promise you don't intend to keep. Be fair on your prices and at the same time remember that there are those of us that make our living doing this, so if your part time price as though you were full time. Never cut anyones throat just to get a job, you'll wind up cutting your own in the end. Act professional, the industry as a whole will appreciate and respect you more. Keep your vehicle and equipment clean, as well as your self! If I think of anything else I'll let ya know.


P.S. Take the next week off and read all the threads you can, use the search feature at the top as suggested. Take notes and report back in 3 months.


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Please fill out your profile and then maybe you could get advice appropriate to your situation


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longisland ny
i just started out 2 first thing i can tell u.that the only help you are gona get from any1 is on this forum . its all competition .i ask a buddy ( also a landscaper)about a month ago to help me lay down sod i told him i split the money right down the middle i just wanted to keep the customer.you think he be happy alls i was looking was to learn how to put the sod down . he said ya definately.(3 different times stood me up all 3)i lost the job the knowledge,the customer and i thought he was my friend for like 6 years.so bware because competition is knocking on your front door.always remeber to be very respectful you dont like them just cut them off in a pleasant way you will earn a good rep. good business manners,quality work,definately good equiptment.goodluck