Starting my own company and need a little help

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by 1999 GMC 1500, May 19, 2010.

  1. mrjceo

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    good point. yeah i dont wanna have to pay for the death of a small kid or anything. but id like to make enough to make it worth registering though. i want to have a good business running and substantial client base before i commit to the business. plus im in school, a hard one at that, so working during the school year is usually condemned. idk man. you got a good point though. ima see what i can do. and thanks for the guy hammerin my head. got the point across. lol.
  2. M.A.Landscaping

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    im 18 and im registered, pay taxes, have insurance, a p.o box, i bill my customers with invoices, im working on a website, but general equipment you'll need is a string trimmer, blower, and definitely a mower, but get the best that you can afford, it pays off in the future, and always maintain your equipment routinely, saves a lot of money! good luck!

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  4. 1999 GMC 1500

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    thank you guys it has been very usefull. 1 question for N.H.BOY what do i need 100 bucks for and where do i give that 100 bucks too? thank you!! :):):)
  5. M.A.Landscaping

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    the 100 bucks is to register with the state
  6. Green Scape

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    I love how people make this seem so simple and easy. The truth is, first you need goals in place, What kind of business is this gonna be for you, full time, side work etc? Then you can figure out which business entity will suit your needs better. Obviously you need insurance, equipment, and to licensed and registered, but to do this the right way, and make a good investment.....there's so much more to it, and money. Just my 2 cents......7 years plus in the business.
  7. M.A.Landscaping

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    i agree, im on my second year of work with my own business, 5th year all of landscaping all together, and it anything but easy. i have my goals set and im working little by little to get to them, i plan on doing landscaping as a career and im taking a few classes this summer, business management, and i always want to get into some hardscaping, but thats later im trying ot focus on right now, but hes right, there is A LOT to consider
  8. GrassIsGreenerLawnCare

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    u read my mind. since i dont have to say that......i just started this year and already have spent over $8,000 and still dont have new mowers, etc. there are alot of things that u dont think about be4 u get into this that u run into, that cost MONEY! do urself a favor and save ur money so u can do this right. once u have enough money to buy the right equipment, then start setting ur game plan. sorry to sound rude, but if u dont even know how to obtain or what a state business license is at the very least....ur not going to get very far. good luck
  9. DuraCutter

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    Advice is fine till he's in your neck of the woods. No insurance, 15yrs old, full of vinegar and no overhead. Man, he'll undercut and kill your cashflow. You guys deserve it for giving advice so freely.

    Lawncare is one of the only types of business where trade secrets are given away so easily.

    I find it so innocent. Look around, where else do you see business people giving other starting companies all kinds of tips and tricks. Grow up, that is why the lawncare business is a joke.


  10. ProshopPB

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    Or maybe the people that are successful feel educating society is a good thing specially when they ask for help. The successful people also don't worry about a little competition. Competition keeps you on your toes business wise.

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