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    I am thinking about starting LC business in Texas . I don't intend to be a 1 man show or a small 5 people crew either. I don't mind driving/walking around checking up on the workers, but am too old to do the grunt work myself .

    What I have:
    1) Friends in the Property Management Business who would provide me with all the LC businesses I can handle . These businesses will be both for commercial and residential properties.
    2) A solid background in business managment and engineering. I believe I can learn about all the intricacies of lawn care (theory-wise) in a short time, considering the large amount of informations on the World Wide Web or books at bookstores.
    3) About 20K to invest in equipments/machineries . Truck excluded.

    What I don't have:
    3) Hands on knowledge of Lawncaring, beside 30 years of mowing and taking care of my own lawn, which is at best once a week.
    4) Knowledge of commercial equipments

    Advises I am looking from the pros are:
    a) A recommended list of equiments (types, brands and life expectancy)
    b) A recommended number for each piece of equipment based on acreage or number of properties or ??? (for example 2 push mower per 7 residential properties)
    c) What sort of profit can I expect ? (ie... 2000$ for every 10,000$ revenue?)

    Thank you

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