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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by S & L Lawn Solutions, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. No Weeds Left Behind

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    36" wb worked well for me starting out. I only turned down one lawn in two years it was about 2.5 acres would have taken me too long with that so I just didnt do it. If you are dead set on ZTR go 48" if thats gonna be your only mower will fit through the bigger gates. small gates you will still have to push.
  2. OutdoorService1

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    You can find a good deal on Craigslist. The best advice is to buy used as a start up. Find what will work best for you at a good price and you can always upgrade when business allows.
  3. PenningsLandscaping

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    That's extremely inefficient, but to each their own. I like ferris mowers and bobcats personally. But what you really need to figure out, is where there are dealers near you and what brands they sell. Any machine is good, just find a reputable nearby dealer. Preferably within 20 mins of your main service area. Even if you can fix the mower yourself, you need a parts supplier and new ztr's come with warranties you'll want to take full advantage of, and most have loaner machines on hand. But here's a list of the best: exmark, ferris, bobcat, scag, hustler. Stay away from toro (unless its a push, they have really nice 30" models) husquavarna (however their blowers and weed eaters are good and reasonably priced).

    Whatever dealer is closest, go with that. Even if you buy used, go with a brand that has a service shop nearby. You never know what can happen, and it's always better when you can get parts same day.
  4. Slimreynolds

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    I started with a 36" exmark also. Then I found an exmark 48" metro on craigslist. Then I upgraded to a scag tiger cub 48" zero turn with less than 500 hours for $3000. Build up slowly and the better equipment will come!
  5. S & L Lawn Solutions

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    Agree I don't plan on starting out with a new zero turn mower that's why I was asking about a good mower. And how long they will last.
  6. Slimreynolds

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    If you change oil, grease, and change filters frequently they will last 20 plus years! Also depends on what you buy. Get a good solid machine like an exmark, scag, etc. Maintenance is key!
  7. 205mx

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    I have a SWEET bobcat 48" for sale. bought new a few months ago. i got it as part of a package deal. just never use it. 4k OBO
  8. S & L Lawn Solutions

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    Guys, how does S & L Lawn Solutions sound as a business name?
  9. TTS

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    Even if you buy used dealer support and parts availability is more important than anything. Find the dealer with the best support in your area and shoot for a used machine that they support. I know you want a zt rider but a good hydro walk behind with a sulky is much cheaper with nearly the same production rate on large lawns and better on small lawns. Also lighter and less likely to rut wet lawns.
  10. biodale

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    I believe exmark or scag are good machines. The scag will cut wet grass better. Exmark will probably leave a better cut under ideal conditions but will NOT cut well in wet grass. I have scags and am very happy with them. My friend has exmarks and he is happy with them except in the spring when it rains and the fall when the dew is heavy.
    The dealer is the key. Get the brand that has the best dealer. But stay with the good grands. Toro exmark scag

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