starting off


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Well, hello all
I just have a few questions?
I have picked a name and that is ( orbitalawn )
Some people have told me the name sounds cheesy what do u think? i picked that name bc i wanted to be diffrent then all the others something to set me apart
I have also just spent a bunch of $ on equipment
now I need to get licensed so I can start out what is the easiest way get licensed?like whare do i go and what is the avg. cost of getting licensed any help would be great thanks


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well since you asked about your biz name....I dont like all..
its hard to remember and doesn;t say or mean anything.


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Barrington, NH
The name is fine. The most important part is your advertising to make your name known. There is a company up here in the Boston area which has a name of Modern Continental. Can you gues what they do? It doesn't really matter what there name is beacause they are the second largest contractor on the big dig in Boston. I say if you like the name go with it. Just have a good advertising scheme to market the name and service.