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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by F&F Lawncare, Nov 10, 2007.

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    Hi, I don't want to sound stupid but do I really need a permit in NJ. All I do is cut lawn (cut/edge/blow), sometimes lay fertilizer/seed, and lay mulch. Do I really need a license??:confused:
  2. Brianslawn

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    some advice... get a job with another lco. you'll be a lot better off. especially if youre asking ?'s like these.

    you are operating a biz. in most places you need a biz lic. you are putting down a chem. that means you also need a chem lic. depending on where you are at and size of jobs, you may also need a contractors lic and maybe be bonded. reguardless of above, insurance may be something to consider. also depending on laws (here its only commercial) you may need a sales tax permitt. also if you are in a dry (alcohol free) county, im sure there are going to be some additional taxes and lic on the biz, property and equip. are you going to be an actual biz like an llc or inc, etc? guess what? more annual fees and taxes. we still havent got to the states and feds take on your proffits or the workers comp and withholding & ss if you ever hire employees.

    did i mention the part about getting a job with a real lawn biz?
  3. rodfather

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    You will need a Home Improvement Contractor license for anything more than just mowing...runs around 100 bucks and you get it through the Divison of Consumer Affairs. Yes, even for just laying mulch...

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