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    I live in Clayton, just took the exam a few months back and got my license. I'm going to be strictly applications, no mowing. But it's only a part time gig for me. Next week will be my first lawns for pre-m. I called for an insurance quote and the lady asked me what my expected gross sales will be? I said good question. I'm hoping for about $2000 my first year.
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    What equipment is needed for the mosquito treatment? A sprayer or a fogger?
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    I'm in Charlotte, NC and want to get my pesticide applicators license but not even sure where to go to get started. I wish there was a place I can go and take classes then take the exam.

    I looked into mosquito spraying as well and a few of my clients have a company that comes and uses a Stihl blower with a tank on it to fog them and they told me its not a weekly thing like lawn maintenance but there's definitely money in it if your able to get the product cheap.
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    Here's a link to the class registration form and the location information is on pages 2 and 3 of this link:

    It looks like the Monroe class is closest to Charlotte.

    I highly recommend taking the class and then the exam directly afterward. I got the study manuals and read them once prior to the class, then took the class/exam. I scored in the 90's on the core and the O&T exams.
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