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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by New Guy Help me, Jul 7, 2005.

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    Just remember that as far as your equip goes your mower is the mule, your bread and butter. I have never heard of that brand of mower, but a 48" is a good all around size mower for smaller and bigger lawns, and access problem areas where you cant get a 52".

    That ebayer mower looked like a Scag at first (that is what I run, a 02 Scag Hydro Walk-behind Advantage w/ a 17hp Kawasaki) which is a pretty good mower, but i clicked on the larger pic and saw the different badging. i bought my stuff this year, paid 1900 for the Scag. i got started for around $3500 all together-bought a used Scag and a slightly used tracker utility trailer 5'x10' wood bottom with heavy duty mesh around the side...paid $650 for it, new Redmax weedwacker $300. Had to sell my mint 93 5.0 mustang and bought a Ranger. But all in all it looks like a reasonable price for new equipment. i would look into consumer reviews before i bid on anything.
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    for serious commercial use, you might want to consider the following brands for mowers: xmark, deere, ferris, grasshopper, dixie chopper, toro, walker, there are others, but you should be okay with one of them. For small equipment: echo, stihl, shindowa, husqvarna, red max, deere, etc.

    i am pretty sure i speak for most (not all) guys who have been around for a decade or more that we would not buy any of that stuff. well, maybe the gas cans.
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    Yes I am with you, I've been doing this for 4 years and have a friend who's been doing it for 18 years and neither of us have ever heard of any of those brands.
    Considering the entire thing is brand-new for 4 thousand dollars, I suspect the equipment to be inferior pieces of crap that will break on you in no time at all.
    Looking at the equipment, it looks nice because it's brand new but I am leery of weed-eaters with big guards like those, that looks like homeowner equipment because commercial / pro equipment all has those teenie weenie guards that never protect you (hence why most of us take them off). Also the backpack blower plain gives me the shivers, it really looks cheap!
    Now the mower is so-so because it only costs 2000 dollars brand-new, see here:
    It is basically the same thing than a Toro model 30917, see here: 18.jpg
    But I can assure you they are NOT the same machine. For one, the Toro has the patented T-bar and both share the same transmission, now it is possible the Kawasaki is better than the Kohler, but somehow they have to cut corners to make it 2000 dollars instead of 2,800 (toro).
    So you get a 2000-dollar mower, a 900-1000 dollar trailer and a few 100-200 dollar pieces of equipment which, if you shop around, you can get it all for that same money or less so you're better off buying it local so for repairs, etc, etc. (Who is going to service this stuff when it breaks, even if is under warranty?)

    No, I wouldn't buy that stuff.
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    The biggest question is warranty service/repairs - who will work on this equipment?
    A second issue is potential resale provided you change businesses or occupations.
    A potential problem is the flooring of the trailer, being expanded metal mesh, it does not hold under to the weight of a wb mower. The floor will sag, then the mesh will tear-expect about 4-6months from the trailer floor prior to repair. To lengthen the life of the trailer, you might wish to have two planks as runners for the tires on the wb which run the whole length of the trailer floor.
    The other equipment is okay. The two-cycle stuff is commercial equipment, the mower is a entry level walk behind.
    For the money, Not including shipping, it isn't a bad set up. Price is okay as well.
    You won't be taken for a scrub with a set-up like this, being pulled by a clean small p/u, with you in a uniform. The only thing missing is a good 21" wb mower.
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    I would pass this, and start small, and buy what you can afford. Check the shops in your area, and see what they sell/service. That looks good, but not in the end if you can't get service, and has no resale, if things don't work out. Good luck, whichever way you go !!
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    I called Green Touch and here is what they told me:

    Warranty on the Piranha Mower (Which is manufactured by them and assembelled in Florida) can be through any mower repair shop. I would just have to call them and get approval take it to my local mower shop and the mower shop will bill Green Touch. He said that these mowers are new for this year, but it is the same design that has been out for years. He also said that they have sold a couple hundered so far this year and haven't recieved any complaints.

    He told me the Maryamua equipment is commerical grade and has been in business for 20 years and has one of the best power to weight ratios out there. He said the blower has a Kawasaki Engine on it. Any warranty work could be done by any Maryamua dealership he told me. I looked up my local Maryamua dealership and they told me the price of the line trimmers are 330 each and the Blower is 460
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    you seem pretty keen on the deal, so let us know how it works out for you.

    I would like to see a topright trailer, with racks, with an xmark 48" hydro w/b, 2 redmax trimmers, and a husqvarna blower. for 4000$ :D lol

    now that's a solid foundation.
  9. New Guy Help me

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    Yeah, I think I am gonna bid on it at the very end of the auction.
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