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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by KingoftheLawn, Aug 16, 2014.

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    So my friend and I are starting a lawn/landscaping business. We are 24/25 so young enough to work hard and start something great. I am going to school 3/4 time for business and even though I take a punch or two have a good head on my shoulders. I know boxing won't last forever so I'm looking to start this with my best friend of a longtime.

    We will be putting up 8-10k and our looking to start with lawns and graduate to full landscaping. It will be us to start but obviously looking to expand after a year of getting our feet wet. We have both had jobs in the industry for fairly short times but know fairly little. I have no doubt we will do this, but we want to be smart and limit our mistakes to as little as possible through all of this community and our friends neighbors anyones combined experience.

    We would appreciate all advice you can give and that you will extend to us. Im fairly good at marketing and branding but again will take any advice to tweak my knowledge I think I have ;) We have no knowledge of equipment trucks and trailers or whats needed. I do know that appearance means a lot and if you look like a joke act like a joke and seem like a joke well you probably are. I don't want to start out with top of the line equipment but we do want equipment that looks like its up to the task, not like a neighbor next door making ice cream money deal.

    Again Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for the help.

    ps we are around tampa fl
  2. KingoftheLawn

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    Can anyone help? Not sure what I said that was disinteresting, but I need some help please.

    Thanks again
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    What's your question? Your kinda all over the place.
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    Not trying to be a jerk.....but why are you choosing landscaping?

    You volunteer that you "know fairly little" about the work, and "no knowledge of equipment trucks trailers and what's needed"

    Maybe you guys should look into applying at a local landscape company for a year or so before starting out on your own? One of you could look for a grass cutting position, the other for a install position? That way you could both bring something different to the table.

    It's a hard business, physically demanding, difficult to make good money, and requires experience in order to do quality work. It just doesn't sound like you guys are there right now.
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    Was out there early spring. Coming from here it was a field of gold. Then we visted some islands (the pirate ones). They say no pov. we get out there and everyone has golf carts and they live there full-time. As we get around on the island we see landscape trucks/trailers, z's, working the island. They had their own market when the mainland was just a boat ride away.

    When some of the fl guys comment seems like better to become a mechanic. When they meet at the interesection each side you look is like looking in the mirror.

    Probably good to keep the day job, then work on the side.
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    There are a ton of threads all the time about people starting. Use the search feature. Otherwise if you have a question, ask and you will most likely get an answer.
    There are literally hundreds or thousands of threads like this.
    I have spent 100s of hours on this site, searching and reading posts from experienced landscapers and I learned a lot.
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    I will just start with actually getting the jobs. Today I got two people to sign up. So I am happy to get my foot in the door also my family has two very nice properties they are letting me take over. The lawn guy they have is good but they'd rather give me the money so that's great to. I have ordered and printed flyers as well. I guess I'm just asking the best way to go and get customers. I have walked and handed out flyers, used craigslist, put tear off flyers in supermarkets and bulletin boards. I'm really willing to bust my ass and do anything. We have 5$ walmart polos that really have helped us stand out, everyone says we look official. I'm professional in the way I speak as well. Basically I'm ready to bust my ass and I would appreciate any further suggestions.
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  8. KingoftheLawn

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    I appreciate the advice to be honest I like working outside and I want to work for myself. I have done some landscape installs been on the greens crew at a golf course. I know my way around a little, I just don't think as much as you full timers. Also I'm lucky I don't need to make money immediately I want to build this up and I have time to do that.
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  9. ztman

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    Just have at it. There is no magic bullet. Sounds like you want to look professional and you are looking to build a client base. Do professional work and you will get clients. Keep in mind, you dont want everyone as a client. Half of the battle is choosing the right client at the right price. Then once you get them , hope the client's kid doesnt start a landscape biz and fire you.
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    Contact and make a business plan. I would suggest not working for your family in any professional way. Keep your relations in tact, otherwise you may remember this advise when anything go's wrong and in time will.
    easy-lift guy

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