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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by KingoftheLawn, Aug 16, 2014.

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    Forget lawn work and open up a Gym!
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    Like Larry said.... Open a gym. Realistically, not many get rich in this business from what I've seen. There's a lot of competition, more fail then succeed. On a side note, you sound very similar to me. You sound like a determined person, educated, and coming from an educated and possibly even business oriented family if I had to take a guess. If that's the case and you are also determined, I'm behind you and think you will make it. I was in the same position as you, I actually come from a complete business family. Dad, Mom, Aunt's, Uncles, everyone in my family owns some kind of business from gyms, convenient chains (fuel stations), farms, to nearly everything you can think of. I grew up with working on the farm. Then went to school and am very smart when it comes to computers, but it's just not where my heart was at. This is where my hearts at. With that said, if this is where your hearts at, you'll know it within a year.

    As for making mistakes when you start up? If you dig up all my post from when I've started, I've pointed out before, your first year, you will make mistakes. The whole first year will be a learning experience for you guys. You'll change things, you'll play with ideas, you'll switch equipment, it's just going to happen. Nothing wrong with that, just learn from your mistakes and pay attention to what you are doing wrong if this is where your hearts at, it will benefit both of you in the long haul.

    With that said, I don't have a bunch of play time tonight, I just rushed finishing 3 acres before dark and it's time for a shower and a cold one. One mistake I made and I see many others make, DON'T PUSH THINGS TO FAST. When I started I started taking on all the work I could, pushing things way too fast. Take things slow, be picky about the customers you work for, and most importantly, sell yourself for what your worth. Just because Johnny and Juan is cutting for $25.00 don't mean you have too. Sell yourself for what you are worth, take your time, find good customers, and build solid relationships with them. And last, remember pay attention to yourself over the first year, learn as you go, and learn from your mistakes.
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    $10k to start-up?

    Go pick you up some push-mowers. Push mow EVERYTHING your first year. Build a solid customer base, show them you can work hard, and then go spend some of that 10k on a 48" stander and a 36" Stander.
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    Haha, kinda like what I did lol.

    I know when I was talking to people I could kind of get a feel for them and some were very sketchy
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    I did and they have not responded!
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    waitÂ…YOU didn't follow your own advice?
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    My point exactly. That's why I pointed out my faults and mistakes earlier. I did the opposite and grew way to fast for my britches to where I couldn't keep up. :hammerhead:
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    Thanks I did get one a decent honda push mower. It cuts pretty well. I was thinking the same
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    First of all, good luck and congratulations on making this decision. There is a wealth of good information and advice here. It won't all show up in your thread so do some searching. Search on key words such as pricing, marketing, mower types - and check out the Florida forum as well as Network With People From Your Area.

    Couple ideas:
    - formalize your agreement with your partner in writing
    - do everything you can to avoid debt
    - find out what a lowballer is and avoid becoming one
    - you're in the service business, do something to make your customers' lives easier - at times this can be something they are not paying you to do, could be anything from changing a porch light bulb they can't reach to jump starting their car
    - make yourselves indispensable (see above)
    - have pride in your work and perform it cheerfully and professionally
    - don't be drawn into or start gossip or rumor type conversations and use politically correct language with customers

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