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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Brothersinlawn, Mar 28, 2007.

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    I am new to the lawn care industry. I would like to get any advice that anyone is willing to give. I want to use only organic products. I helped a friend start a lawn care business and worked with him for a while. Other than that I really don't have anything but home maint. experience. My brother and I are starting this business and I was thinking of making it a partnership. I am buying all of the equipment and he will be providing work equity. I have a full time job. I work in the evenings. This is just a way to bring in a little more income and give me something constructive to do during the day. I have purchased some used equipment. Toro 616Z, Honda line trimmer, 6'4"x10' basic trailer, Echo PB602 backpack blower and will be purchasing a echo or stihl stick edger. The mower has a grass catcher, side discharge and mulching attachments. We are currently towing with a Isuzu I-280 pick-up. I live in a new subdivision and there are a lot of new homes in the area. I was thinking of doing doorhangers with a magnetic business card on the bottom. I have seen them but can find a good source for them. I also have been getting insurance quotes. Any advice in the insurance catagory will be greatly appreciated. Does the tow vehicle need to have commercial insurance?
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    There is tons of advice on this site. And damn good advice, too. You just have to search on the topics that interest you. I would recommend starting by searching on the major topics of your post, like "partnerships" and "insurance". You will find all the answers already posted. Not trying to sound rude, just trying to point out the existance of posts already similar to your topic.

    Good luck.

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