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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Little Green Man, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Little Green Man

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    Hey y'all I am getting started in the LCO business and am trying to get some customers just by noticing yards that haven't been mowed for a while but I am not getting anywhere so far. They seem to say right now they have somebody that hasn't come by yet. But when I ask to bid in the spring they say that it would be ok. BTW I've been asking businesses around town. Any and all suggestion are appreciated except for the ones that say run far far away LOL.:walking:
  2. shane mapes

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    from what i have found ,the lawns that look like they need help is usually the one 's that say no far as businesses it's hard to get that work when your new . it may take a while ......
  3. bohiaa

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    If your ready for biger jobs, such as Businesses, it fairly easy and simple.

    Just walk in or phone them, ask when they accept bids and ask for the person you need to send it too...

    Most of the ones around here accept in January.

    stay away form walgreens, and CVS...

    however in your Bid pro. make sure you insert your certificute of insurance...
  4. Jay Ray

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    Was taking a break this hot summer and off in the distance there was a tin sound getting closer and closer. It was what looked like a brand new Troy-bilt rider pulling a small red lawn cart with a hook nose weedwhip in it. A very good looking fortyish women was driving and she had her daughter of about ten riding in the cart.

    They stopped at a house across the street that was foot high again. She sent her daughter to the door to ask for the job. The answer was no and off they went, probably looking for more high grass.

    If a pretty little girl gets a no with a good looking mama sitting on the tractor, their technique probably didn't get them much business.

    But maybe this would work in other areas. Only costs a little gas to find out.

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