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Starting Out

Hello all from the wonderful world of mowing lawns. I am about to begin a lawn service in a small town (94k pop) and need some ideas for a successful lawn service. Should I distribute flyers, brochures, go door-to-door, etc? Currently I have a Honda push mower, gas weed-eater, and an electric blower. What do you guys wish you had known when you first started cutting grass that you would pass onto a fresh starting lawn mower? Ideas would be very appreciatavely taken and acknowledged.<p>Thank you!


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I wish somebody would have knocked enough sense in me to pursue a decent career.
Thank you so far, but I would like to know what a successful way to advertise may be. Do brochures work, ads in the paper, or just going door to door? What brings in the most business?<p>Thank you!


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Do you have any potential customers yet?<br>If so just do a proffesional job. The word will get around. Fliers work but choose the area that you want to mow. with ad's in paper you really cant choose your location, so start with flyers.Make up one on your computer and print it out and get some copies made (mabey on your present Job's copier) at Staples or a store like that.<br>Good luck<br>Ken


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With only a push mower you would maybe be best putting flyers on doors of lawns that you can and want to cut. I tried newspaper ads and never had much luck with it, too expensive and way too big of a coverage area. With flyers you control who gets them and only where you want to cut. Oh yeah most of all, keep your full time job until you can get good jobs. I've been playing the part time game for 5 years,, I just never sleep all summer long.


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Passing out flyers works well for residential. Go to a neighborhood you want to work in and distribute them. Make a professional looking flyer and present a professional image. People have dealt with all kinds, and a good first impression is essential. Following through is the second step. Good luck.<p>John


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Since when was 94,000 a small town!!!!!!!! Try a town of 20,000 with 40 licensed companies. You may want to try and become an employee of a larger outfit before you try it on your own. I am not at all trying to put you down, but a pushmower ain't gonna net many yards a day. There is a person in our town who uses a pushmower, works alone, and does a great job. Her angle is to (I THINK) go to higher end residential homes, she started with one, and do it all, pull weeds, prune shrubs, rake the yard intensely, and mow it with a push mower. Her work is actually second to none. Everything is neat as a pin. It may take her all day so I call this person more of a gardener. I believe she gets paid by the hour. I'm sure this works for her, her overhead sure is low and her profits are probably good. This is one way to get in to it. You won't be rushed to get to the other yard so quality will sell you more than anything. If you could pick up 3 or 4 like this you would stay busy and make a little money. Save what you make and put it towards better equipment, soon you'll be working every day, dawn til dusk, every Saturday and wondering why in the h---- you started cutting grass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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ok most people dont give away all this stuff but heres what worked for me. First decide where you want to cut then go up to any landscape truck and tell them you will buy their accounts for one months worth of cutting thats hat i did and in one year i will probably have 50 to 60 accounts. dont listen to anyone about wasting money about advertising. If you advertise in the right place you will hit the jackpot. Call the city bid departments for placing bids on big city jobs. go and place estimates wherever you think you can get a job. Call every lawn company in the phone book 1 month before and 1 week before spring and leave a message saying you are willing to buy their unwanted accounts for that year. Many poeople turn down all types of work every season and they will probably be happy to help out a begginer. This is the best way to start out because you have the chance of actually getting somones good routes sometimes if you get lucky. Well dont forget to pass out flyers in the beggining of spring and also dont work only in one place. Travel if you have to do get work. There is a lot af money in lawncare and you can really make it happen with some drive, ambition and hard work. Good Luck<p>Bedros