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I need some advice! I do some yards on the side and the question of starting a business keeps pounding my head! <br> <br>here's my problem i work in a factory in my town from 7-3:30 this is a good job for the area for the work i do. as yall know you can make more doing landscaping. <p>doing jobs on the side people ask me for business cards all the time and i have to tell them my phone# when starting a business what do you get write off?<br>Trucks,mowers,trailers,ext?<br>what type of license do you need and how much do they cost?<br> <br> Kevin<br>


Part of the great thing about this business is that all yo need is a pickup truck, a mower, trimmer, and a rake, and you are in business. That is also one of the bad things about this business. Too easy for people to get into. <p>The best advise I can give you for starting out from scratch, with no business knowledge, is to talk to an accountant. Don't just talk to your uncle Bob that &quot;knows about taxes&quot;. The $100 or $200 that the accountant will charge you will be worth every penny. Forget to pay some tax, and the penelty and interest will be more than that alone. They do this for a living, and are up to date with all the new laws and regulations. He will tell you what you can and cannot deduct. <p>As far as licensing, every state and town has its own requirements. Most if not all states require a license to apply pesticides. This means that you cannot legally apply a bag of weed and feed from the local home center without a license.(at least in PA). As far as general mowing and such, call your local town hall, or municipal building, and start asking there.


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I think if you find an college kid that is using money for college, you can buy it from the college kid after he has a carreer.

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well, well this shurly brings back memories. Keep your factory job and do the lawn care on the side. get your business cards made out and keep some in your truck. get some magnetic signs made for your truck to stand out when doing the side work. it takes on average of 2 years of working before you really see a good profit from the lawn care because what money you do make, goes back into the company for growth. this will also help you buy newer and better equipment down the road. your customners are your life blood and need to be taken care of the best of your ability. when you get more and more clients, you'll feel like your working to much and i'f your bringin in a good income from the lawn care, see about working part time at the factory(for stability). Then if your still interested in doing the lawn care you can, but i'f it seems too much hassle, you can allways have it as a part time work and keep your factory job. hope this helpes some.

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