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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by scraper132, Aug 23, 2002.

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    i preesntly am working for a landscpaing company but am seriusly considering beginning my own work part time. I have some pretty decent equipment all ready but i was hoping u guys good give me any helpful advice on starting out. How to get a few jobs, flyers, how you guys started out, anything would be much apperciated. Thanks for ur time.
  2. There has to be at least 2 or 3 of these a week.

    Have you ever thought of researching this subject?

    Here is the link that is at the top of "Every" window you see on Lawnsite.

    There is more info in the arcives than you could imagin than we could type in this one post/thread.
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    First of all I should say, you might have a problem going part time. If your working for a landscape company you will probably get fired. If you want to go part time find a job doing something else, then start part time. I was working for another company who was bought out. They wanted me to lie to my customers. I couldn't do that so I gave two weeks notice and left. I had 1 customer. I know it was stupid but I have my principals. My wife supported me for the first year. Research and gain as much knowledge as you can. Do not lie to people, if you don't know the answer tell them you will find out. People know when your not telling the truth. If you put your heart in it and you research it, you will succeed
  4. My first post was a slight bit rude, so here is some good advice to follow.

    Find a good accountant you can trust. Numer one most important thing you must have.

    Find out what licensing you need to work in your area.

    Get your tax ID number

    Get insurance

    Financing (future and present equipment purchaces)(same word also mean cash)

    Find out your pricing, as what to chrage for what jobs. This is where the CPA will come in handy.

    Find out your overhead, another CPA job.

    Find your target customers

    Advertise to them by what ever means you need to get you foot in the door via be flier, direct mailer, knocking on door, whatever......

    Do "QUALITY" work so the best form of advertising pays off :word of mouth".

    You should be on you way.

    Any one serious about making a new business venture should always consult a CPA you know and trust.

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    I agree word of mouth works wonders, I just started my new Lawn Care business 2 months ago with just a couple of little yards and im only doing it part time, HOWEVER the word of mouth started WOW, I have not yet posted a sign or shown my phone no and Im too busy to even think about it. I had to send my wife to get my Licenses for 2 counties and I was able to do insurance over the phone (thank God) you see I work 50 hrs a week as a manager of busy sales office and I devote Friday night and all day Saturday to do yard care. I give Sunday to my son and my wife unless i got a project that i did not finish, and she says the three words I love the most .... GO MAKE MONEY

    Im a solo project so Im very busy I curently have 10 yards and 1 lot .and people are still approching me to to yard work or trimming palm trees (im 1 of those crazy people who likes getting 30 to 40 ft high in a palm tree Yippieeee)

    good luck and If you enjoy hat you do you will be very sucessful.
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    Read LGF's second post....I think his first post was made right when he got back in from making his lawns beautiful again....everyone has right to be a little cranky now and then.... But he was right....if you do a search here you will find more reading material than you can handle. Tons of info and advice....
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    dont steal from your present boss!
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    Lil hard on the kid, LGF...heck, he's only 17...LOL.

    Your advice on your 2nd reply though, made a lot of sense to someone in his shoes. I agreed with what you said 100%.
  9. The Lawn Choupique

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    If you build it they will come. Meaning, if you run some ad's, put out flyers and let the people know that you are in the business, you will get your share of accounts. Anyway at 17, what have you got to lose? Your $12 an hour Job? You would much rather be making $25 an hour, would you not? When I was 17 I was making $1.65 an hour.

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