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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kg6395, Oct 14, 2002.

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    Can you guys that already know some of the in's and out's of the lawn business lend some of your knowledge to me? I have been getting info together so that I could start the lawn business next season.

    I have gone to a local SCAG dealer and he has offered a package deal that includes a 48" Belt Drive, 6 x 10 trailer with racks, trimmer, edger and backpack blower for the price of $4900. Does this seem fair? Any info about my new adventure will be helpful. Thanks.
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    read this post over and over untill you fully understand!!
    why are you getting into lawncare? do you have any greens experiance or management? are you doing this because it seems fun? before you go out and buy equipment make a plan.. in order to succeed you need a solid marketing plan, do yourslf a favor and dont cut your knee's off when doing this. all to often i read post about marketing, some people actually make plans based on their personel taste, well see they just cut a big hole in their pocket.. mowing and etc. is nothing more than an end product. fill the gaps before you fill the trailer

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    Thanks f350, I checked out that thread you linked. Good stuff. I will learn how I can be my best. Not the cheaper than the other guy.

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